What Has Been Will Be Again

Old Testament Prophesy and Scripture


I’ve just read one of the most unique and exciting Christian books that I’ve ever read. It’s titled What Has Been Will Be Again by Russel Nickel.  I’ve read many and most have been a great blessings, but this book went beyond the information I’ve learned concerning how Old Testament Prophesy and Scripture stories help Christians understand how to avoid the same mistakes of God’s chosen people.  I’ve included a video at the end of this post that gives a short synopsis about the book.  

I’ve reviewed the book on Amazon.com and I’ve created a video review on YouTube.  Check out my reviews depending upon the time you have.  The video review is a short version that gives the value of reading this book that highlights Old Testament Prophesy and Scripture.  You can find them both by clicking here with a link to order the book.    

The reason I call the book unique for a Christian growth book is because it share Old Testament history with historical sources outside of the Bible to prove that Old Testament stories are true.  Many believe that the characters or persons of the Old Testament were fictitious and the stories of their involvement with God and the prophecies given are not to be taken seriously. 

However, Christians must believe the Old Testament in order to avoid the same problems the persons at that time made that can be devastating and to learn of the prophesies to know where we are today in God’s plan.  We’re also able to understand what God desires for us to do collectively and individually.      

I recommend this book for Christians who desire to learn what current events mean in God’s plans and how to understand the Book of Revelation to know if we’re currently in the latter days. 



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