Musings of the Heart

By Aaron Peters

About  Musings Of The Heart

“For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.”  - Romans 1:20 (NIV).

God is constantly speaking to each and every individual born into this world; wanting us to grasp His truth which will bring us life abundant. He reveals His truth to us in different ways. It can be through His Creation which testifies to who He is. It can be through the situations, sights, and people He brings along our path. But the most important way by which He reveals His truth to us is through His Word that has been made manifest in Christ.

To know God is to know His Word. This book is a collection of observations through which God has made His truths known to the author. The prayer behind them is that they will be reminders, as much as they are for the author himself, to always listen for God; both as He speaks to us through His Word and in every area of our lives.

Musings of the Heart Outstanding Features

365 Devotionals

This is a book that keeps blessing, inspiring and guiding for an entire year with 365 daily devotionals! 

A Godly Life

As you daily listen, learn and obey God's Word, you'll realize a Holy and Godly lifestyle. 

A Peaceful Life

Living God's Word daily brings peace, joy and a strong faith to weather the storms of life. 

A Victorious Life

The Word is ordained to prosper our lives as we put our faith to it for daily victory. 

Video Book Review

Musings Of The Heart Is A Great Gift For The Holidays That Keeps Giving!

Pages:  508

Published:  April 14, 2012

Publisher:  Cephas Media Group

Book Review By Margaret Lukasik

New Christians, established Christians or Christians new to the Word all have one thing in common; their growth in Christ is a continuous process. No matter how spiritually mature believers become, the scriptures hold endless insight and wisdom. For this reason, I embrace the writings of Aaron Peters, a young author with deep spiritual insights that pierce through life’s doubts and fears while increasing faith in God’s Word to establish a deeper relationship with Him.     

   It’s not always easy to apply scripture to the difficult areas of life, especially when it comes to daily problems which bring stress and anxiety. However, Aaron’s collection of personal observations based upon scripture titled, Musings of the Heart, bring life transformation to the reader according to Romans 12:2 for living God’s Word. The book shares 365 beautiful and life-changing devotions to begin each day in God’s presence and to teach reliance upon Jesus Christ.    

   Author Aaron Peters is an amazing young man whose writings make God’s Word relevant to personal situations. It’s easy to identify with his observations, yet each bring a unique teaching or meaning that expands one’s understanding of the scriptures. I believe this explains why Aaron has so many positive Online comments about his book. Through Musings of the Heart he inspires and brings hope and faith for victory over defeat.  With each daily reading, you can feel your faith grow and your desire for God’s Word increase.  Before I completed reading through the book for my review, I felt the power of beginning each day on a positive note rather than allowing the difficulties of life overtake my thoughts and actions.  It’s a very positive book that also teaches God’s love!    

   Adding to the many facets of Aaron’s writing is the influence of his Christian service in India and areas of South East Asia.  Although he is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto, Department of History, he has a strong family background of serving Christ. For anyone who wishes to grow in Christ daily, Musings of the Heart will develop a deeper love of God and the desire to follow Christ. 

   I'd also like to suggest that with the holiday season fast approaching, Musings of the Heart will make the perfect Christmas gift for family, friends and acquaintances. New Christians will greatly benefit from the daily inspiration that will lead them toward Christ.  You can order easily and safely from  For India ordering click on the gold link below. 


About The Author

Aaron Peters has a great talent, insight and heart for writing Christian encouragement.  He is a young man with wisdom and insight beyond his years.  He has skillfully written the daily devotionals within Musings Of The Heart which point to Christ and lead us to greater dependence on Him in every facet of life. Though living in Canada, Aaron has had rich experience of serving God in India and parts of South East Asia (some of which come out in these pages).  Aaron is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto, Department of History.  Visit Aaron's Website at:  

Musings Of The Heart Testimonies

 “Yet what often is the case is that God has given us a vision that was not meant to be borne by ourselves. Rather, for it to be fulfilled He requires that we allow others whom He has strategically placed to help carry out His perfect will for us.” Thank you, Aaron, for taking inspiration from the Holy Spirit and forming it into such beautiful and inspiring words and phrases that have blessed me daily. 

– C Ray Carlson

Thanks for the wonderful words Aaron….I will share this one too. There are many people who need to read this. 

-- Sonal Samson

Aaron, You spoke right to my heart and soul on this one. I have been trying to prophesy the Word of truth to people in denominational churches who accept a mix of truth and falsehood. It has destroyed our physical relationships and I began to crack this week. I began to question myself and the Word. What if I am wrong? Maybe it is OK to combine works with justification? I hit rock bottom on Saturday night and on Sunday morning I read a post on FB that lifted me up again. I am not alone (Christ is always with me) and there are others trying to speak the truth.

-- Debbie Goodloe

How true that is Aaron. Prayer is our most valuable resource and strength, but so often overlooked and underutilized by us.
I praise God for the spiritual insight He is giving you. 

-- Susan Abraham

Dear Lord, Please forgive me for my being too busy to make you first in my life. I get so caught up in studying your word that I forget that it is you that makes it all appear important. 

-- Tommy

Brilliantly written piece. Very deep concept explored through great understanding and knowledge. Amazing. Simply Amazing. 

– Elicia Lobo

Thank you for your encouragement for today. Praying that many will read your God-given messages and derive comfort and happiness IN HIM! 

-- CD Jebasingh

I grew up as an atheist, admiring and reading Karl Marx, Frederick Engels, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao-Tse-tung. The walls of my room were always decorated with their pictures and I was proud to show them off. However much I denied the existence of God as 2 Timothy 2:13 taught me , “…he cannot deny himself “. Imagine how blessed I would have felt after reading Matthew 10:33 , “But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven”. And finally I read John 15:16, “You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you,…”. Yes, I am very blessed…! Why? Because, now, my Lord Jesus Christ cannot deny me before the Father…! Aaron, thanks for reminding me…! 

– S. Ramanathan

I so needed this word today as my father is sedated to rest after heart valve surgery this morning. It gives me comfort to know our Lord is with him now giving him peace, rest, and safety — restoring his heart and soul.  

– Tracy Thompson

It is well-written and informative. The love of Jesus is indeed revolutionary - and the needs in our world are so staggering! May our God richly bless you for doing what you can to spread His truth wherever you go! 

– Melodious

Beautifully written and full of truth. Thank you, 

- Milt

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