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Christian Money Growth Confession
Christian Money Growth Confession



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I have followed the teachings of Kenneth Hagin Sr. (now diseased) since the late 70’s. He was an answer to my prayer that God would lead me to the truth of His Word. In my mid-twenties I had been blasted in the church my family had always attended for making the point to my Sunday School class that it would be more of a blessing to follow the Bible instead of discussing confusing concepts that were upsetting some of the members.

One person told me to leave the church while others treated me as if I had gone crazy.  My pastor told me that the Bible has information that isn’t for us today and some of it was evil.

I wasn’t the only one in that class desiring the Word and to grow spiritually, but sadly that church was steeped in man-made doctrine and tradition to satisfy the wealthy members who controlled the church.  I left to find my way in Christ through the truth of the Bible and once I did find a church accepting of the Word, my life began to be directed upward to a real relationship with God.

I later discovered the ministry of Kenneth Hagin Sr. from which I found the most spiritual growth because my new church was newly established in the Word so I needed more information.  What I learned from His ministry was life-changing! 

It was the means from which I teach today with exception of my personal experiences and studies as well as other trusted sources who taught in the ministry school I attended.  I made sure the studies were based upon the Word and was thrilled to see that many of his books were offered as class curriculum and extra reading when in attendance of ministry school.

I was surprised that you can look up Kenneth Hagin on the Internet today and find a two-sided assessment of his teachings.  There are those, like myself, whose lives were changed by learning the Word of God through his teachings to always stick with the Word and there is the other side, who think like my first church members did by believing Kenneth Hagin was an evil person who was out to steal money from people.

I’m not going to get into the details about that but I can say with all honesty that I have lived a life of great defeat without the Word and I’ve lived a life of great change and success through Jesus Christ to live the Word.  It’s up to each Christian to decide which type of life they desire; a life of commitment to God or to their own beliefs or doctrines that are not grounded in scripture.

Because a lack of money causes stress and ultimately sickness, I’ve created a series that will bring healing for financial problems, overspending and debt.  Kenneth Hagin was not a prosperity teacher, but he did deal with the subject of money in relation to the Bible.

Christian Money Growth Confession As Written By Kenneth Hagin

If you wish to follow the Word for financial growth, the following Christian money growth confession can help you grow in faith for believing that God desires for you to increase your money first for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ to spread the Word — not to have money to Lord it over others or have better and more stuff than most people.

Kenneth Hagin’s ministry exists today led by his son and daughter-in-law and other family members.  I receive their newsletter and was happy to find money growth affirmation that Kenneth Hagin sent out years ago in 1984. I had lost it, but now that his son released it to help Christians see that God’s Word is the same, even in a bad economy. I wanted to share it with you.

The following money growth confession was given to Pastor Hagin by God during a vision while in the spirit of God. You can compare the main theme of what is said to Mark 11:23-24.   This confession can be applied to anything a person needs including scriptural healing.

Here it is exactly as I received it:

(Rev. Kenneith Hagin Sr.) I believe if you will read this paragraph every day, your faith will increase and your confidence in God will be stronger.

“Yes, my child, I have already given all things unto your hand if you will believe. There is no good thing withheld from them who walk uprightly before Me. Yes, I will move mountains to bring to pass that which you fervently believe for. Yes, mountains are removed by faith. So if you will not doubt in your heart, and will leave no reservations in your mind, but will say in your mind and believe it implicitly in your heart that God cannot lie, He will not fail to do all that He has said He will do.

Believe it in your heart, confess it with your mouth and say it unto the adversary. Claim the words of the living God as yours. And the adversary has to flee when you speak the word of life. For what God has ordained, it SHALL come to pass. Do not be fearful. Trust in the God of the universe. And allow Him to work out His eternal purpose in your own life.”

–Kenneth E. Hagin, February 1984




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