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“How To Eat and Lose Weight In Christ for weight loss is not a diet, a program or a system that requires you to spend continuing sums of money or to eat special foods. 

   Instead, it’s an easy and peaceful means of losing weight based upon a little known  principle based upon scripture. I created it first for myself and then others to share my success with them and teach how to grow closer to God at the same time.”  – Margaret Lukasik

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Margaret Lukasik

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Weight Loss In Christ Information

Discover your best and healthiest weight in Christ while you grow closer to God in the process. 

As the author of How To Eat and Lose Weight In Christ I love that I’m able to help Christians avoid the same problems I experienced for much of my life before I realized that God’s Word was the answer.

   It’s exciting to lose weight using God’s Word rather than diet solutions that cause starvation and more weight gain over time. Once I wrote it to help Christians suffering from continuous weight gain take control over their bodies to develop a healthy lifestyle, lose the right amount of weight for their body type and age, and live a balanced life while growing spiritually at the same time.

   If you need to lose weight and you’re tired of all the disappointments, money spent on diets that don’t last, failure and depression, the light of God’s Word is ready to lead you to the success and victory you deserve!

Start Now…

For that special occasion, but first for your good health and to enjoy God’s blessings. 

Your Body Is The Temple Of The Holy Spirit.

The Results

Quickly Develop The Faith That Brings Success 

Christian Weight Loss

Praise God!

You Are Free! 

You’re Free In Christ Jesus

…Learn why you can be sure that God, the Creator and Sustainer of the heavens and the earth, will keep his word to bring you good health and the correct weight loss for your age, body type and height. God wants and needs you healthy.

…Know that Isaiah 32, verse17 tells us that the rightousness of God can expect peace and confidence.  We don’t have to suffer in order to lose weight.  We can be at peace because Christians are the rightousness of God!

Get Excited!

Once you realize that God’s Word isn’t a temporary fix, you’ll be at peace and enjoy eating. You’ll develop spiritual strength that will cause you to desire good health over food deprivation by following specific scripture.

You Will Lose Weight In Christ!

  • IT’S NOT A TEMPORARY FIX –  I wanted to share what I’ve learned to make God’s Word work for you now and for the rest of your life for good health, healing, weight loss, victory over life’s problems and the confidence of consistently answered prayer!

  • THE PROCESS IS DYNAMIC AND IT WORKS FOR A LIFETIME –  I love proving with my life first that the Word works over all problems that people face and find difficult to overcome.  This exciting study has been a project of healthy living and weight loss that I felt I had to share with other believers. 

  • GOD’S WORD TEACHES GOOD HEALTH WHICH INCLUDES WEIGHT LOSS:  I desire to show Christians that good health is a blessing and an important part of Christian living that all Christians deserve to enjoy. And there are so many benefits to being healthy such as taking a healthy walk and not breathing so heavy it becomes a burden only after a few minutes.   
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You Can Count On God To Lose Weight In Christ!

When you look to God’s Word for whatever you need God will always come through for you.

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