Look To Jesus For Whatever You Need: Forgiveness, Healing, Love, Encouragement, Mercy or Compassion



Look To JesusI can attest to the spiritual fact that we need to look to Jesus when we have problems and ask Him for help. Whenever I have called out for help in the name of Jesus Christ, I was saved. Even when my life was in danger, I called upon Jesus in faith and I found a way of escape.

Other times, when fear had gripped me while facing danger, I couldn’t see anything but the problem in front of me so I was unable to rely upon Jesus for victory. Because of my lack of faith, I suffered needlessly for many years.

If we want Jesus to help us, we need to make Him our friend so that when fear does grip us from deep within our souls, we will be able to shake loose of it as Peter did and look to Jesus for help. Jesus was His friend so Peter felt free to call upon Jesus (Matthew 14:30).

Because I hadn’t learned how to make Jesus my friend when I first began to study the Word, I couldn’t always shake my fear and look to Him for help. Even though His hand was reaching out to me, I made myself helpless to take it and let Him save me. Instead I acted as if my hands were tied behind my back.

It’s human nature for most of us to approach people for help that we know; people who we can trust and have a relationship with. Rarely do we feel comfortable asking a stranger off the street to help us. We might if someone was attacking us, but most of the time we would never ask for help from a stranger or someone we didn’t know well.


How To Look To Jesus and Make Him Your Friend

If we can’t understand the reality of Jesus Christ from a spiritual point of view, then when Jesus reaches out to us, we won’t be able to spiritually take hold of His hand to receive His help or guidance. And if we do call out to Jesus and ask for His help, we may not be able to recognize His touch, His love or His compassion to deliver us from whatever storm is upon us.

So what do we do?

We must learn how to be His friend by reading the Word and learning about Jesus, learn what He has asked us to do and then do it. Work with Him daily in this way and in time you’ll know Jesus and feel comfortable to ask for His help when you need it.