Announcement Of Our Exciting Life Purpose Section

Read About Life Purpose Success Stories From The Bible and Current Times!



I’m excited about this section of my site because I’ve had it on the back burner and it’s almost ready to publish!  I think the Life Purpose Section is going to be exciting because I’ve always enjoyed reading about the success of others and especially the success of Christians living God’s purpose for their own lives. I believe other Christians will enjoy the same–especially because it will enable them to see the possibility of living their own success with God.

The purpose of these articles is to help Christians realize that God is waiting for them to live their life purpose and prosper them to succeed as well.  There’s no limit with God, but for those who feel stuck in jobs they hate or in failing businesses, I’m going to show through the lives of others what elements are needed to work with God and to realize great success no matter what their circumstances.  Now, I’m not only speaking about money.  True Biblical success goes deeper than financial prosperity which is one of God’s blessings, but there’s more!

With God you can expect more than just making money to spend.  After awhile, even shopping and having whatever you want gets boring.  The spirit cries out for fulfillment!  God’s life purpose success package also includes excitement and great joy to get up everyday and fulfill the work He has created for each of us!  Each day becomes an adventure because the work He gives us is more enjoyment than labor.   When God’s hand is in everything we do, it becomes a means of serving Him with the greatest purpose of saving the lost!

When you get in line with God’s plan for your life, you begin to see a bigger plan than who you are and what you have.  The salvation of others becomes the focal point of everything.  This doesn’t mean that we are required to shout salvation in the streets and pass out flyers all day long.  It means that we give our lives to God through Jesus Christ to become a living testimony for Christ.  When we do that God will find ways for our sharing the Gospel successfully.

Watch out for this section!  IT’S COMING SOON!  If you know of anyone you’d like to share let me know or share your own life purpose experience.  Age makes no difference with God, so anyone at any age can work with God today!  I’ll be highlighting people from the Old and New Testaments as well as people from current times!