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Life Purpose ProgressionWhen it comes to living our life purpose, it can seem as if it’s taking too long or that we’ve made a mistake and that there’s no “special life purpose” for us at all.  That’s what I thought many times, but I kept studying the Word and listening to as many life purpose cassette tapes as I could find.  I also read many Christian life purpose books written by Christian authors.

The best were by the late Pastor Kenneth Hagin.  However, he seemed to write in terms of ministry like many of the Christian authors of his younger days, but he did make it clear that there were many people he knew who were obedient to God’s call in a layperson’s capacity such as business ownership or careers which included everything from dry-cleaning, to teaching, to the medical profession.

Pastor Hagin stated that all had achieved extraordinary success as far as respect, continued growth and money.  However, most important, he stated that all were very successful at winning others to Christ.  They achieved this success by means of either great financial giving or by having  opportunities through their businesses or careers to minister to others. 

This information encouraged me to continue waiting upon God so that He could prepare me and help me to shed the many problems that were holding me back from serving God in the capacity He needed.  In the meantime, I prayed for others, governments, groups of people and my country to begin serving God. 

I’m glad I never gave up with God nor He with me! I have a constant thankfulness for the work I’ve been given.  But it took me some time to get here.  I’m retired now, so I have even more time to do what I love, but if I hadn’t prayed years ago or I hadn’t let myself be guided, I wouldn’t be here now talking to you.  I’d be involved in my own plans, purposes and pursuits that wouldn’t include God’s will for my life at this time.  

My Life Purpose Progression Began Years Ago Without My Realizing It

Years ago, I discovered that I could draw and paint with oils and acrylics.  I seemed to have a natural talent that had gone untapped for much of my life.  I loved crafts so I combined crafting with my new drawing and painting skills.  I know I was led by God to do this because once I began, I quickly created a successful home business that went from creating projects, to selling instruction books that highlighted the best-selling projects at the craft shows I attended. I sold the books exclusively through craft magazines (there was no Internet yet).

It was highly profitable business because there was no middle man to sell my work and I worked from home.  My overhead was almost nothing because I made my own books. It was also convenient because I could take care of my children myself without having to pay for daycare and losing out on raising them myself.  I loved every minute of the work, but something was missing at a certain point.

I could see things changing as the transition from magazine advertising to computers and the Internet was taking place, but something kept me from moving forward with the changes.  I knew I was going to be left behind, but I couldn’t seem to make a move to change my direction, and in time my business declined–especially since I stopped adding new books to increase my income.

Looking back, I’m sure this was because I had been listening to an old Kenneth E. Hagin cassette tape over and over again about praying and asking God what He wanted us to do with our lives and be willing to submit to what He had asked.  I did that consistently.  And I would tell God, “I will go where you want me to go, do what you want me to do, and be what you want me to be.”  I was prepared for anything, but nothing happened for some time because, as I learned over the years, God doesn’t just move us out when we’ve got a family to raise, a commitment to complete or we have serious problems that will stand in the way of our giving fully to Him even when we’re willing.  

My Life Purpose Progression Takes Another Turn

In the midst of my thanking God for His will in my life, I heard that I would continue to write, but this time for God.  However I heard that I should wait until I heard the right timing to begin.  I also heard that I should remain “ready.” I didn’t hear a loud voice but the still quiet voice from within my heart (spirit).  So I kept a pen and small notebook with me wherever I went because I didn’t know any other way to be ready.  I never had training in college for writing, so I began to take classes to help me write better.   I also began to gather the information I had written in journals and small notebooks about my experiences using God’s Word and the results I received.

I found that I had many years of Christian information that had brought me to where I was at that moment to fill a book with helpful information.  I also realized what the subject would be:  how to increase faith for answered prayer.  This was where I had the most success and experience when it came to God’s Word at that time. 

I had something to share that could be proven with my life.  It’s always better to write information that can be proven true with one’s life–not just learned from others that it’s true.   This particular book is still selling today on all of my websites.  It’s titled, “Reaching Heaven.”

That one book led me to counseling and then coaching Christians through one of the first Christian information sites on the Internet beginning in 1999.  That site was this one, victorythruchrist.org.  I also attended ministry school with my husband and took courses that were vital to giving me greater spiritual direction.  

Because of that information, God has recently led this site in a new direction of teaching and writing which is helping Christians learn how to achieve their life purpose through Jesus Christ.  There is much construction going on.  I’ve got a new look, new information and fifteen more years of new growth and wisdom from the first day I began my Internet ministry to add to this site.

Throughout those years I’ve also created 3 other Christian sites.  A number of years ago I moved some of the information from this site to each of those where appropriate.  I didn’t know why at the time, I just followed the guidance I heard.  I didn’t learn the purpose until a few months ago.  It lead to the current changes I’ve recently made and the new growth I’ve experienced since my husband and I retired from working a successful business together.  

God has shown new objectives for me on the horizon, but I’m not ready yet, only in a state of preparation. So you can see that God works in our lives in steps.  He shows us things to come and what we’re to do in the meantime.   I always knew there was something from deep within my heart that God wanted me to accomplish since I was a child, but I wasn’t trained to know what that feeling meant.   So I continued with my life my way until I couldn’t stand the feeling that I was missing something.   That’s when I begin my studies about life purpose. 

I had two of my three children still living at home, so God led me to wait until they were older before I began to move forward with Him.  I’m thankful that God’s will doesn’t cause havoc in our lives or cause confusion for our families.  If there is, then we’re not listening to God.  He brings everything to pass in His own good timing that works best for all.  

Your Life Purpose Progression

Your life purpose progression will be different from mine.  Maybe you’re in  your teens or early twenties and you’ve heard God call you into the ministry.  You can begin with God right now by asking Him for direction.  Or maybe you’re somewhat older and you’re involved in a successful career that you love, but you hear a still small voice within your heart leading you in another direction. 

You’ll have to trust God to lead you successfully into this new life He has for you.  You may have to trust God when it looks as if you’ll make less money at first or you’ll have to make changes you’re family isn’t happy with.  All I can say is to stay close with God in prayer, acting upon the Word daily.  God will get you through all the transitioning you’ll have to make with His ability, power and strength.  He’ll never leave you alone!


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