Liberating The Terminal Generation

By Ray Cleghorn

Learn what the author has to say about his book's message and how it relates to your life.

  • While most Christians know that the Gospel is "good news", many don't realize that the good news doesn't stop at salvation. It continues on throughout our entire lives on this earth.
  • Jesus did not intend for us to continually dread his return. He provided the means for us to have a fulfilled and meaningful life,  anticipating his return at the Resurrection, not in a clandestine secret return. He said of his second coming that every eye would see him.
  • There has been too much speculation and disinformation about this subject. Let's look at what the Bible says from the standpoint of how a first century person in Israel would have understood it and thus gain clear insight into Jesus' words to us.

Highlights Of The Book

Scriptural Truths

The author's teachings from the Bible  will lead you toward God, not away from Him.

Jesus' Fulfilled Prophecies

Understand the set of events Jesus foretold in A.D. 30 and how they impact life today.

Live Your Salvation

Learn that the "good news" doesn't stop at salvation, it continues throughout our lives.

'Liberating The Terminal Generation' Paperback Information

  • Pages: 144
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: CreateSpace
  • ISBN-10: 1535113073
  • Published:  7/15/2016
  • ISBN-13: 978-1535113076

Book Review By Margaret Lukasik

True Christianity is liberating. It brings freedom, victory and purpose! Sadly, many churches aren’t experiencing what God had intended for His people because of false doctrines and confusion about scripture.  In his new book, Liberating The Terminal Generation, Ray Cleghorn scripturally breaks down false doctrines concerning the end times that have been limiting many Christians in their walk with Christ and the fulfillment of their divine destinies.

   I’ve known that there are many debilitating false doctrines in the church which include teachings concerning the latter days or end times. However, until reading Liberating The Terminal Generation, I didn’t understand exactly what they are, who created them, and how they’ve affected the Church.  It’s shocking to realize how many generations of Christians have been negatively affected because of the erroneous information they’ve been taught on this subject. Thankfully Ray Cleghorn has laid all this out for us so that we can identify where our beliefs have been touched by false information and how we can change to live our salvation blessings and become a blessing for God’s Kingdom.

   Years ago I went from church to church looking for one that would help me transform my life to the “new man” as stated in Ephesians 4:24 so that I could grow in Christ. I just kept going in circles because I was told time after time that much of the Bible isn’t for us today. Instead I was fed man-made doctrines that turned people away from God instead of toward Him. This is why I hold Liberating The Terminal Generation with such high esteem. I desperately needed this book years ago, but today it's been very helpful to show me what beliefs I’ve held concerning the end times as incorrect.

   The effects of hearing false doctrines can leave spiritual scars or wounds that taint one’s perception of the present and the future. These need to be healed if one is going to live the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Ray Cleghorn discusses prophesies taken out of Biblical context, the symbols and phrases of Biblical times that we need to understand, false doctrines that have invaded the church and so much more that bring understanding and clarity on these important topics to allow for healing and renewal.

   While this is one of the most uplifting Christian books I've read, it's not to be rushed through by any means. It should be slowly digested in order to break down false teachings that have kept important Biblical truths from many Christians.  It’s not easy to turn one’s thinking or lifestyle around or even admit to being wrong, but the author's teachings lead the reader to the rewards of living God's truth and His  promises.  I believe that Liberating The Terminal Generation is a “must read” for all Christians.

About The Author Ray Cleghorn

Ray Cleghorn has been involved in many different endeavors throughout his life. He enjoys new challenges that press him forward to improve himself and help those around him.  While Ray enjoys many exciting personal puruits, the most enduring and fulfilling effort he continually pursues is ministry that helps people understand the truths of the Bible and how those truths can improve their lives by freeing them to walk in God's destiny for their lives.

"Liberating The Terminal Generation", is the first in a series of three books that will progress from setting people free from misguided directions to understanding God's whole purpose and intent for us, to how to mature in the faith to discover His plan and align ourselves with it.  Ray's greatest desire is that the prison doors that hold us back from a fulfilled Christian life be opened wide, and all walk through them into the bright future He has for us all.

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