Sowing & Reaping

Vital Steps To Victory

By Sharon Palmer

Sewing and Reaping

About This inspired book

That Centers On The Ancient Law Of Sowing and Reaping...

Every man and woman on earth holds the keys to success and failure in life, though most don’t know it. Everything we do and say is “sowing” or planting seeds in our lives. Good seeds sown bear good “fruit” (or results). Bad seeds sown bear bad fruit; every outcome is up to us. This entire process is an ancient law established by God Himself, called the law of “sowing and reaping”. In her latest book, Sharon Palmer discusses how sowing some simple, specific seeds in righteousness will yield for you a bright, victorious harvest in every area of your life!

Mini-books are ideal for new, young, and even seasoned Christians who want to learn Godly principles, but don’t have time to read longer books or huge novels. Miss Palmer’s quick-reads cut to the heart of God’s message for all believers with clear, powerful, bible-based, anointed teachings brimming with love and wisdom from His very Throne.  –Sharon Palmer

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32 Pages


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Book Review By Margaret Lukasik

The law of sowing and reaping is made clear in the new book, Sowing and Reaping – Vital Steps To Victory by Sharon Palmer. It’s a short book, but it clearly explains the Biblical process of how to have a prosperous and abundant harvest in life as well as finances and material goods.

Step-by-step Sharon gives the Biblical instruction for blending daily living and habits with scripture to insure God’s blessings. Most people think of tithes and offerings when the subject of sowing and reaping is discussed, but we learn that giving money to God is only a part of this important law. Whatever we sow, we reap, such as sowing love or kindness for example.

Along with her instruction for utilizing this law, we learn that where we give our tithes and offerings is also of utmost importance to our harvest in every area of life. There is a specific method of sowing financial seeds into God’s Kingdom, and we need to follow it if we desire to reap the full benefit and fruit of our labors.     

Christians need to understand the importance of giving this vital information priority in their lives for consistent obedience when giving money, forgiveness, love, or whatever they’re led to give or share with others. This book should be on the shelves of church libraries to make sure that all giving, including to our churches, will glorify God.

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About The Author Of "Sowing & Reaping"

Visit her website at: Palmer Faith Books.

Sharon Palmer

Sharon Palmer is an intercessor, writer, and grateful recipient of the manifold mercies of Jesus Christ. Her many interests include Bible teaching, singing, podcast recording, and producing. She uses her writing talent to write short books that give a powerful message on specific Bible subjects.  

Miss Palmer received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior in 1974 and has since experienced more than 47 years of His ongoing transformation process in her life. She is a widow, stepmother, and triumphant survivor of childhood molestation.  

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