How To Survive The Latter Days



The Sons of God: A Discourse on the Christian Revolution by Anthony Marnell is an energetic and no-nonsense book about the Book of Revelation that proves we’re living in the latter days now.  If you’re not sure about the end times, you’ll have a good understanding by the end of the book with the wisdom to know how to survive it.

While it has many pages, it’s well worth the time spent.  It gives an honest and realistic look at the Bible, but centers upon the Book of Revelation.  Society currently makes many claims that the only cataclysmic problem the world is facing is the environment and climate change.  Progressives scream that the planet earth will be destroyed in 12 years if we don’t follow their path of power and destruction.  It’s like hearing that the sky is falling every day!

False claims of destruction for the gain of political and personal control come and go with the only constant being the fulfillment of The Book of Revelation.  All the nonsense we hear keeps believers and others from facing true events that will keep many from salvation to face great torment and destruction.  The question remains, not how to save the world, but how to ensure salvation which is the key to eternal life rather than living an eternity in torment and misery with no hope of changing one’s fate! 

Hell is not a place one visits with the choice to leave if it isn’t what was expected.  It’s a fate that results from not accepting Jesus Christ while on earth.  Once death comes, the choice of salvation is over forever.  The Sons of God: A Discourse on the Christian Revolution is a book that brings that reality home in a very concise way that presents both sides of the equation.  Compare the side of forsaking Christ with the choice of living for Him and decide which eternity you desire; a life of great joy in heaven or eternal torment.     IT’S YOUR CHOICE!




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