Know How Much God Loves You

Seek Me and You Will Find Me  

To Know:  

  • How Much GOD loves YOU, 
  • How to love HIM
  • The Holy Spirit is REAL

By Ron Ziegler

God Loves You

About Seek Me and You Will Find Me

Based On A True Story

Read about the author Ron Ziegler's inspiring Christian Testimony.

True To Scripture

Ron offers his testimony with sincerely and the truth of God's Word.

Living God's Truth

Ron shares his Christian experience of learning and living God's Word.

The Greatest Discoveries In Life

Book Description

We can learn so much from the Christian testimonies of others and author Ron Ziegler shares his in his new inspirational book, The Greatest Discoveries In Life.  He says that his story is a “true life story in scriptures.” Thirty years ago he met a man in the park who said 30 years previous he was addicted to cocaine and said God if you’re real, help me. He saw a flash of light and heard a voice say, “NEVER WILL I LEAVE YOU OR FORSAKE YOU.”  And the story continues as you read his book and learn more about God’s love and living one’s salvation by precept and example. Paperback Information

Pages:  216. 

Publisher:  Independently published 

Publish Date:  August 16, 2019  

Book Review By Margaret Lukasik

Seek Me and You Will Find Me written by Ron Ziegler is filled with life-lessons for healing and quickly overcoming negative emotions and situations which can overtake the soul.  He uses such examples as despair, worry, sadness, grief, fear or loneliness to name a few. The author has faced all of these and more and has also overcome them by trusting God through Christ and by looking to the Holy Spirit for guidance, encouragement, comfort, teaching and inspiration. 

What I love most about the book is the author’s writing that simplifies the scriptures rather than intellectualizing them so that it becomes a book of clear and simple instruction for living victoriously in Christ rather than a book of puzzles that cannot be understood. The Bible says that we must approach God as little children (Matthew 18:2-4) and I believe that this truth is clearly demonstrated throughout his writing. 

Ron emphasizes the importance of prayer according to scripture by revealing the deepest parts of his life where he asked God for help with the expectation of receiving. He encourages Christians to trust God rather than worrying that He won’t help them and explains that we may still have the same problems, but God gives us the peace we need while we stand our ground in faith to receive. He shows how easy this is done and how this can become a lifestyle over time.

The book reads like a journal, revealing his consistent Christian growth throughout the trials of his life that led him to the work of the Holy Spirit, especially in situations where he needed to overcome grief.  For Ron, much of his grief and problems came from the loss of his dear wife who he obviously loved and still loves as much or more than his own life. Many people can relate to his emotional difficulties and the problems they caused him which makes The Greatest Discoveries In Life a wonderful guide for successfully living God’s Word.  It is also a means of showing how to help others through prayer and guidance by the Holy Spirit, find the healing they need. 

This is a unique book that centers on God’s love and compassion. It also shows the amazing results of what happens when we ask God to fill us with that same love to help others and to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Ron’s many stories and experiences are filled with encouragement to live the fullness of Salvation.  I loved the sincerity of heart in which this book is written and the dedication he has to love and serve God.  It has provided him with great wisdom and scriptural insight.

About The Author Ron Ziegler

Ron was born in 1944. After college he eventually owned a small metals company for 23 years.  He accepted Jesus at age 70 and wrote “The Greatest Discoveries In Life” to glorify God. He states that it’s not about memorizing the Bible, but to know how much God Loves you.