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Live In Joy and Peace Through Kingdom Living! 

Matthew: 6:25-34 

Create A New Legacy For Your Children!

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Your Financial Breakthrough

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Are You Praying For Your Financial Breakthrough But Nothing Is Happening?

It may seem as if you've been waiting a lifetime while you go from paycheck to pay check, but that's not how our Heavenly Father wants you to live.  This is why He has given us His "handbook for living," The Bible, which includes financial principles to open the door to God's greatest blessings, including financial. 

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You Can Break Out Of Your Difficulty In Jesus Christ! 


  • Through kingdom living God has made the condition of life for His children joyful, peaceful and filled with blessings.  Jesus tells us in Matthew 6:25-34 that God will take care of all our needs and wants without our having to experience the constant worry and stress of what the future might bring as many people do.  Sadly, most Christians aren't living that life.  Are you?  If not, please keep reading even if you're a new Christian!

You should be living that life today!...

Hello! My name is Margaret Lukasik and I'm the author of this site and this Bible Study. From my experience, I want to assure you that there is nothing holding you back from financial growth when you look to God's Word, except for a lack of scriptural knowledge or instruction. It took me years to figure out God's financial plan, but you don't have to wait as long as I did! I've created this study and accompanying bonuses to help you find your way to becoming a financial blessing as you become financially blessed.

 Please Let me share my experience...

Your Financial Breakthrough Bible Study By Margaret Lukasik

Margaret Lukasik, Site Author

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I spent many years with financial ups and downs.  While I had studied the Word concerning my finances, I seemed to be missing "the boat" so to speak when it came to a complete flow of financial growth.  Part of this was due to having difficulty finding a ministry that taught financial principles outside of the many prosperity messages that centered more upon money than God. That's not what I wanted, so I started my own study and also attended ministry school with my husband that centered upon Biblical teaching! 

   Once I did an in-depth study of God's financial principles, I found that some of the information I had learned over the past twenty-five years had been incomplete.  I centered upon God's Kingdom because Matthew 6:33 tells us to center upon God's Kingdom and righteousness first.  This verse made it clear that if we center upon money first as many of the prosperity messages teach, then we can only become greedy rather than a blessing for God. Greed always leads us away from God rather than toward Him.

    Verses 31 and 32 of Matthew 6 tell us that we don't have to be worried about anything when we put God's Kingdom first.  We can be at peace and assured that God will take care of our every need and much more.  This is a simple practice, but for some people, who are already in debt with bad money habits, it can be difficult to trust God and not worry about whether or not He can help them out of their financial problems!  

Matthew 6:31-33 Assures Christians that God Provides For His Children When They Trust Him By Faith...  
31. Be not therefore anxious, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed? 32. For after all these things do the Gentiles seek; for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things. 33. But seek ye first his kingdom, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.


   This is why I created this Financial Breakthrough Special Offer. It's a package specifically designed to help people suffering from various levels of financial difficulty that range from just needing extra money to having extreme debt or living in poverty.  God's Word will help everyone who is willing to follow His ways and center upon Him first.  The information included will help you do this without fear or doubt!

   From the first lesson you're going to learn how to trust God even in the midst of great difficulty and work with Him along with a practical means of money growth which is included in the study.  Everything I teach I've done myself and I've helped others do the same.  I will show you how to work with God to change your financial situation and give you specific information that will help you resolve your financial problems to be blessed financially and even more important to become a blessing!

   The Financial Breakthrough Study reflects the success my husband and I attained with our money when we took an exciting financial course at the time we attended ministry school and combined that information with a little known principle that served as the catalyst for our financial breakthrough.  

   It was this information that pushed us forward with God spiritually and with our money to attain continued financial growth in a way that many Christians never learn because their churches don't realize the importance of this teaching.  Without it, one cannot continuously increase their money flow God's way peacefully and make it grow for the rest of their lives.  

It's God's Desire That You Become Financially Blessed!

God is larger than anything that can come against you and as you progress through each of the lessons you'll learn how to operate within that belief.  I'm going to show you how to center upon God in a way that will keep your blessings flowing and growing.  Just as we're told in Matthew 6:31 not to be anxious, you'll learn how to never worry or be anxious about what the future might bring for you for anything you may need, including financial.  

    I wrote and compiled this Financial Breakthrough Package to help you learn what it took my husband and I many years to study, understand and implement into our lives. I'm thankful to say that it's been helping Christians all around the world get a "fresh start with God" over their finances and, more important, their lives!   

   Be prepared to learn how to use God's Word accurately for financial growth so that you can always feel right with God.  This is not a prosperity message as the studies work together to bring you closer to God and not away from Him! 


Financial Breakthrough Study

The GOD'S Financial Plan Study will show you how to easily combine Biblical principles to create an explosive force for your financial breakthrough and debt relief while you develop a deep relationship with God.  From the first lesson you'll be on the right path to receive resolution for your specific money problem and to begin the process of financial healing.    

   This study combined with the "Live The Purpose Of Your Passion" study (included FREE) will set you on an an exciting journey that holds many exciting surprises and promises that many Christians don't learn about in their local churches. 


  • Through personal studies I learned to use a specific principle that showed my husband and I why we weren't receiving consistent financial blessings. This one missing ELEMENT from scripture turned our circumstances around for a continued financial breakthrough. This little known, but explosive principle will change your life as it did ours once you understand how to use it.  Without it, you'll never be able to maintain your financial breakthrough God's way or make the scriptures come alive in your life for a permanent change.

However, even with continued financial growth we still had a poor credit score to fix. I diligently worked to fix it and put that information together in a guide titled, "101 Powerful Tips To Legally Improve Your Credit Score." I'm including it FREE in this package so that you can experience the same results my husband and I did.

The Financial Breakthrough Bible Studies

I'm Including This Practical and "Must Have" Guide For Legally Improving Your Credit Score FREE Plus Other Exciting Bonuses (see below)!

Why is this guide so important?

While it's true that it's better to use cash rather than credit, it's also true that if you're already in debt, your credit score has been negatively affected. A low credit score can keep you from getting a better job or from obtaining promotions in your current career. This is why this guide can be helpful. It will guide you to legally work within the financial system to give yourself a good credit reputation, even if you choose to never use a credit card again.

There are many reasons for your credit worthyness to be checked, even if what you purchase is with cash. Renting cars when traveling, renting apartments, and purchasing certain products or services require that your credit be checked. A good credit score is a way to verify if you are responsible with money and a good credit risk. 

    You may not need this guide now, but perhaps the need will arise in the future. "101 Powerful Tips To Legally Improve Your Credit Score" is an important tool to have as a reference and I'm including it FREE!. 

The Study Includes Another Important Principle That Has Been Lost In Many Christian Churches Today.

I used this specific principle to make the spiritual changes I needed to become  more God-centered and to grow spiritually. I didn't realize what an impact these changes made on our lives concerning opportunities and our financial growth potential that continues to grow even now into our retirement. I also learned something exciting about Abraham from the Old Testament. God was able to use Him to begin the bloodline for Jesus Christ which has great meaning for us today.  Because of Abraham's obedience to God, He was blessed beyond measure. That same blessing is now our inheritance through Jesus' sacrifice on the cross and His resurrection.   

Galatians 3:29 - All New Testament born-again believers in Christ are Abraham's seed and and heirs according to the promise God made to him.

   While I wanted and needed God's financial blessings, I learned from Abraham the importance of becoming a blessing for God's Kingdom first.  Abraham centered His life upon God the way Jesus said for Christians to do in Matthew 6:33 in order for God to take care of our every need.  As I studied Abraham's commitment to God I came to realize that centering upon God is a joyful experience that brings rest and peace while trusting God to fix our problems and difficult life circumstances. I also learned the simple scriptural process that guarantees financial increase. 

    Many Christians are afraid to put God first, but it's an amazing process that releases God's kingdom blessings so that we don't have to whine, cry, beg or plead with God to bless us.  All we need to do is follow this simple principle and allow God's process for inner growth to accelerate change and release what we need at the same time. It's that simple! Just by making the decision to put God first, my husband and I were able to quickly make the financial changes in our lives that we needed because we were no longer centering upon our money problems, but our commitment to God.        

    Now that we're in line with God's financial plan our money increases on a regular basis because we've learned how to combine the principle of the key of the cross with God's financial principles while we seek first God's righteousness. It's a Biblical fact that every Christian can do what my husband and I have done.  Every Christian is good enough to enter into God's Kingdom to receive all of their blessings.  If you're a Christian, this includes you too!  You can use the key of the cross to obtain your financial breakthrough and make the changes in your life you need! 

    The study is going to show you why you're good enough to receive whatever you need from God now.  And you're going to follow Abraham all the way to your best life in Christ by learning how to design your most fulfilled life with great opportunities and blessings!  You're also going to learn how to pray the way Jesus taught and open the door to what you want and shut the door on what you don't want!

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Matthew 16:19 (KJV) 19 And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.


Secure Your financial Future!

The Financial Breakthrough Study was designed to change your circumstances from the first lesson and to work in your life everyday, not just once in a while because it will develop into a prosperous lifestyle for personal wealth building in every area of your life.  I want to help you secure your financial future to become a great blessing to God and develop a greater relationship with Him through Jesus Christ while you increase your money or get out of debt.  This is what has happened to our lives and those we've helped to do the same.    

    By obtaining this package today, you'll be able to stop carrying around the weight of the world on your shoulders and stop thinking that you don't have choices in life or that you'll never be successful.  Your path will be directed toward Christ as you learn to follow Him into the kingdom life to receive a clear vision of your financial goals and how to achieve them in the fastest way!  You'll never again be separated from the source of your strength and your ability to do all things through Jesus Christ.     

   I was able to correct the mistakes I was making about receiving and giving money and how to regard money God's way for a continued financial breakthrough.  With my study, you can do the same as you follow my direction which is made clear for even new Christians or Christians new to the Word! 

I Can Help You Begin With God To Attain Financial Control 

I don't want you to take as long as it took me to learn how to receive continued financial growth and also debt relief.  You may have a surmounting debt that looks as if you'll never get it under control, but in time you can with God's help and your desire to be set free by using the information in this study which can be utilized from the first lesson as I've mentioned.           

    Remember!  Once you combine God's financial principles for kingdom living with loosing and binding you have the power to ask for anything given us in the Bible and He will do it for you or give it to you in Jesus' name. We can operate in God's power through Jesus Christ not just for money and those things that we want and need, but more important for our service to God and to thank Him daily!

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I've organized all the information you need to realize financial growth God's way.  I've also included as FREE BONUSES the practical information my husband and I used to grow our money when we needed to begin again financially after losing a great deal of our income!    

   The Christian Money Growth Study includes all the information you need to grow financially while you grow closer to God at the same time! Not only that, you'll learn how to discover and develop the special plan God has for you alone in the Discover Your Divine Purpose Study which will lead you to greater Godly and financial goals. It's through this purpose that you'll realize your greatest financial blessings an personal fulfillment.     

Grow Your Money God's Way and learn...

  1. how to keep it and make it continually grow  
  2. to "love your life" rather than looking at others and wanting what they have  
  3. that it's never too late with God
  4. that God will work with you right now, no matter what your age, what you've done or what your circumstances!  Nothing is too difficult for God!  
  • Your past doesn't matter with God because you're forgiven.  You'll learn how to remain in a state of forgiveness with God everyday!   

With The "GOD'S Financial Plan Study" You'll Understand The Biblical Principles For Your Financial Breakthrough And Learn How To Pray Successfully.

I've told Christians for years that God works on our behalf in good or bad financial times.  It's our choice whether we prosper financially and in life by taking a stand with God against the difficulties of life.  My exciting Series will teach you how to do this in great faith and confidence.  Here are the highlights:

Your Financial Breakthrough Features

Create A New Legacy For Your Children No Matter What Their Age

Even when it seems too late, God will come through for you and them...

Financial Breakthrough Bible Study

The Christian Money Growth Study Will Guide You To Your Financial Breakthrough 


Although my earliest money growth studies had enabled me to teach my children about God's financial principles, it didn't include this complete message that I teach in this money growth series. However, I was blessed to help my children receive God's deliverance for financial help! While I wasn't happy that my children experienced financial difficulties, I was joyful that I could share this message with them to guide them closer to God while they learned from scripture how to become financially strong.  It's been a blessing to witness their financial and spiritual growth! 


I've made it easy for you to take God's lead.  My Christian Money Growth package includes all of the e-books you see below.  You'll receive my two popular studies, "God's Financial Plan" and "Live The Purpose Of Your Passion" along with my Christian Money Growth audio.  See below for all of the free bonuses that will help you with the practical side of increasing your money to achieve your financial breakthrough.  PLUS you'll also receive FREE my "Faith and Prayer Notebook" that will help you organize and reinforce the studies.    


There has never been a better time than now to realize your financial breakthrough.  It's going to open the door to God's best for every area of your life, not just financial. It's time to learn how to think God's way for what you want with the right motives and with the Key of the Cross that's going to open the door to Kingdom living!

  • If you're ready for your financial breakthrough, you can begin with God right now.

God Will Turn Your Financial Problems Into 

Positive Situations As You Trust In Him!

Get A Fresh Approach To God's Word For Financial Growth

Christian Financial Breakthrough Special Offer


Financial Breakthrough God's Plan For Your Life

Learn how to work with God from the Bible To Increase Your Money

From the first lesson you'll begin to work with God to center on specific scripture, strategies and principles to increase your money. As you do, you'll learn the value of good stewardship which is a great blessing in itself. Change your finances as you grow in Christ!

Financial Breakthrough Interactive Journal

The Interactive Prayer Journal Is Designed For Faster Results 

Better organize your goals and achieve them in order to pray and receive! It will help your faith go from average to "mountain moving" as described in Mark 11:23.  I used this information to grow in faith for healing, debt and inner growth. 

Financial Breakthrough Audio Lesson

Knock On The Door Audio MP3 (8 Min)" For Inner Success

This audio will show you the importance of knowing how to receive your blessings from God. Knowing your spiritual rights and acting on them, releases your kingdom blessings. However, you must know how to open the door to God's kingdom and enter into it.

Walk With God and Let Him Guide
 You To Where You Need To Go!

Financial Breakthrough featured testimonial


Your Free Bonuses To Help With Your Financial Breakthrough

This includes the "101 Powerful Tip To Legally Improve Your Credit Score" by ordering now!

Financial Breakthrough Christian Growth Study

Discover The Triune Nature Of God
By Margaret Lukasik

Learn how to work with the Trinity; Father, Son and Holy Spirit to better understand how to work with God on behalf of your personal life as well as financial. The knowledge you learn from this short study is vital to your spiritual growth.

Financial Breakthrough Financial Freedom Course

Financial Freedom Course
By Margaret Lukasik

This fun and exciting short course will help you take control over your money and get out of debt. It gave my husband and I the practical side of money growth that helped us to achieve a speedy debt relief in less than 3 months. We paid off our $7,000 debt from our new business. 

Financial Freedom Package Bonus God's Prosperity Message and Warnings

Live The Passion of Your Purpose
by Margaret Lukasik

To Further Your Financial Growth, Become Guided By The Holy Spirit To Learn your purpose. Part 2 of the Created For Greatness Series teaches a life of great purpose as designed by God. From the first lesson you'll begin your walk with God and get in line with His plan and purpose for your life right now. No dramatic changes in your life are necessary. Begin where you stand today and realize the great dreams God put into your heart! 


Isaiah 55:9: "For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are
My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts."  

The Christian Financial Breakthrough eStudy Package

by Margaret Lukasik, Christian Author


Each study is a PDF download for easy reading.

The Package Is Going To Guide Your Thinking To
Believe and Receive What God Is Waiting To Give You!   

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