A Woman's Journey Through Alzheimer's

Introducing: "A Song In Her Heart"

By Kathy Dye

Journey Through Alzheimers

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STORY synopsis

In “A Song in Her Heart” we meet Josie – a woman who shared her joyous song with everyone she met beginning as a young girl. But as she grows older, Josie’s mind begins to falter. Alzheimer’s disease takes hold, stealing her memories and leaving her family struggling to cope with the changes.

This poignant and beautifully illustrated book tells the story of Josie’s journey through Alzheimer’s written by her daughter, author Kathy Dye. It is an effective  tool for adults to start difficult conversations with children about Alzheimer’s disease, and it brings understanding, compassion and patience for living with or caring for persons with Alzheimer’s. 

It also showcases the profound impact that music has on those who are ill, their loved ones and those around them.  “A Song in Her Heart” is a touching and inspiring tribute to the love and resilience of families impacted by Alzheimer’s. It is a story of hope and courage, reminding us all to cherish the precious memories that we create with our loved ones – memories that persist even when our minds begin to falter.    

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Hardcover, Paperback and Kindle

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32 Print Pages


KitKat Press

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Book Review By Margaret Lukasik

In “A Song in Her Heart” by Kathy Dye, the transformative power of music is beautifully illustrated. She skillfully explores the crucial themes of love, family, faith and Alzheimer’s, weaving each seamlessly into a captivating story that speaks directly to our hearts. 

The central character in this true story is Josie.  She is the mother of the author who has lost much of her memory; however, the one thing that remains is her ability to sing the songs of her youth. Through this unique lens, we see how music can be a powerful tool for self-expression and to help children understand how to sensitively communicate with a loved one who has the disease.  

Dye’s writing is both poetic and evocative, using the language of music to create deeply moving illustrations that are sure to resonate with readers. From the opening notes of the story, we are drawn into Josie’s world and feel a sense of kinship with her joy, struggles and triumphs.

Ultimately, “A Song in Her Heart” offers a message of hope and inspiration, reminding us that even when all else is lost, the truest part of ourselves can still shine through. This book is a must-read for anyone who loves stories that speak to the human experience at large and offers an empowering reminder of the power of music to heal us all. Going deeper, it’s a book that shares a simple message about how to communicate with loved ones who have lost their memories.

About The Author Who Wrote This "Must-Read" Story About Her Mother's Journey Through Alzheimer's

Journey Through Alzheimers

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Kathy Dye Author 

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Kathy Dye

Kathy Dye is a retired elementary school teacher who holds a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction. After teaching creative writing for several years, Kathy developed her own passion as an author. Kathy brings her insight of many years as a school teacher, Bible study leader, mother, and grandmother.

Kathy’s first published book, A Song in Her Heart, was written after she witnessed the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s disease on her mother. Kathy and her siblings searched for ways to connect with their mother and discovered that music was the best form of communication.

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