Audio Reminder Of Jesus Christ’s Sacrifice On the Cross For All Mankind

Easter Reminder Of Jesus Christ's Sacrifice


In a world filled with chaos and uncertainty, it can be easy to feel lost and overwhelmed. But in the midst of it all, there is one constant that we can always rely on – the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross. I thought I would share the beginning of my course with visitors to remind them on this day the steps Jesus took as He walked to the cross. 

Dear Reader, We can never forget what Jesus suffered on our behalf so that we could live eternally through Him.  We are so very blessed. Many times I feel the need to lock myself away from the world, if even for just a few minutes, and spend time with God, praising and thanking Him for sacrificing His Son for the world.

I couldn’t live in this world without Christ and without the knowledge that God is always with us. I feel wounded to the core when I hear people say horric things about Jesus, but as I remind myself that Christ saved us from this world, I am uplifted and free. I am free to walk in the authority that Jesus Christ walked with bloodstained footprints to give us.

To ensure that I don’t ever take God’s love, and Jesus’ willingness to atone for our sins, I created an audio so that I always remember what I have in Christ. I’ve used it for my course, that centers around Jesus, but I thought I would share it here to help remind others that Jesus’ sacrifice was for them because God loves the world.

He doesn’t like evil actions, but He loves every person. All we have to do for eternal life is to accept Jesus within our hearts and confess that truth.  If you haven’t accepted Jesus Christ yet, please listen to the audio and see what Christ did for you! He loves you and will never leave you as you trust Him by faith. 



What I Feel When I Am Reminded Of What Jesus Did For Me On The Cross

I think about the immense love that God has for us. Despite our flaws and shortcomings, God sent His only Son to die for our sins so that we may be saved. This act of selfless love is a powerful reminder of the lengths God will go to in order to bring us back to Him.

I draw parallels between the message of salvation and my own life experiences. There were times when I was younger that I felt lost and alone, but when I reflected on Jesus Christ’s sacrifice, I was reminded that I am never truly alone. God is always with me, guiding me and lifting me up in times of need.

Christ’s sacrifice is also a message of forgiveness, emphasizing the importance of forgiving others as Christ has forgiven us. Forgiveness is not always easy, but it is essential for our spiritual growth and well-being. Just as Christ forgave those who crucified Him, we too must learn to forgive those who have wronged us to keep our peace and resolution to abide in Him.

In Christ we have spiritual victory, highlighting the power that comes from embracing Jesus Christ’s sacrifice. Through His death and resurrection, we are able to conquer sin and find ultimate victory in Him. This victory is not just for a select few, but for all who believe in Him and accept Him as their Savior.

Today’s Message Conclusion

As we reflect on the message in the recording, we are reminded of the profound impact that Jesus Christ’s sacrifice has on each of our lives.  There are so many wonderful testimonies.  It has brought so many hope, peace, and a sense of purpose that cannot be found anywhere else. It is a reminder that no matter what challenges or struggles we may face, we can always find victory through Christ.

So I encourage you, dear reader, to take a moment to reflect on Jesus Christ’s sacrifice in your own life. Think about the redemption, forgiveness, and spiritual victory that He offers, and consider how you can incorporate these truths into your daily life. May you find comfort and strength in knowing that victory is yours through Christ.

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