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About Intercessory Prayer

Reaching Out To Touch Another With Intercessory Prayer

Today’s devotion is about praying for others.  This is much different than praying with others.  When we pray with others we’re praying the prayer of agreement.  However, when we pray for others we’re praying the prayer of Intercession.

We pray alone or in a group, but our prayer is directed only for another person or a condition to change for the benefit of that person (see example below).  This prayer is not for ourselves or our needs to be met.  It is only for the benefit of others.  We’re asking God to bless someone in a specific way.

First Timothy 2:1 points us to this type of prayer,  Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men.

Intercession, as we find it here, is a technical term for approaching a king on behalf of another.  In a general sense, related to prayer, intercession is seeking God on the behalf of others.  But, more specifically, it’s coming to God for one who has no standing with Him.  So by praying for others, we stand in the gap for them with God.   You could even say that we plead the case of someone else such as being a lawyer, pleading the case of their client to the jury.


Abraham Using Intercessory Prayer For Sodom and Gomorrah

One of the greatest examples of interceding for another in the Bible is when Abraham went before God for the city of Sodom, desiring that God would spare Sodom.  He kept giving God different scenarios in order to save as many people as possible.  He began his prayer by asking God to save the city if there were just 50 righteous people.

He kept changing the amount of righteous people all the way down to 10!  I believe that Abraham was concerned that because Sodom and Gomorrah was so corrupt and immoral that the chances of there being many righteous (honoring God in their lives) people residing there were very slim.  God said that He would not destroy the city if there were just 10 righteous people!

So as you can see, praying for others is about acting as an intercessor by coming between God and someone who has no standing with God.

We all should be praying prayers of intercession.  You and I are to use intercessory prayer for the lost, the sick and even our enemies.  If you think you don’t have time.  Examine your life.  I do this at intervals during the year because I can get caught up in my own things if I don’t check myself.  There is so much to do in life, but somehow, someway we can always make time for God and to pray for others.


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