An Inspirational Woman Survival Story

Whole Heart - A Memoir

By Michelle Felix.

Journey back in time to South Africa and learn of an incredible story that will inspire you to carry on with all your dreams no matter how difficult or impossible they may appear. 

Whole Heart By Michelle Felix

Video Review By Margaret Lukasik

An Unforgettable Story!

From South Africa to America the reader follows the extraordinary life of Michelle Felix who went from a happy young girl to having her childhood stripped away through heartbreak and sorrow. She loses all she loved and the only security she had ever known.  Fearless and determined to follow her dreams, she proves with her life that unconditional love and forgiveness opens the door to God’s blessings and great purpose.  I highly recommend Whole Heart as a Christian inspiration book as well as a book that reaches out and leads the reader to follow and live their dreams. This is a book for all ages! 

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