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The Ant Called Tiny By Miles Phillip Lewis

How Long Is Eternity?

An Ant Call Tiny

About The Ant Called Tiny

A Children's Story For Ages 5-9

Inspires Children To Live Their Dreams!

Tiny, the tiniest of all the ants in his village, has very big dreams to fulfill a mission for God. When God finally comes to Tiny, he is given a very important job. God asks Tiny to help the world understand His love is eternal. 

Tiny, the unlikeliest character for such a huge task, embraces his calling and sets out to demonstrate for all the concept of eternity. Join Tiny, the tiniest of ants, on his remarkable journey to spread God’s message.

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32 Pages


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Book Review By Margaret Lukasik

Enjoy this wonderful story no matter what your age. It’s fun, uplifting and inspirational. Unlike other children stories, this one piqued my interest to keep reading and find out God’s mystery assignment given to the little ant called Tiny. It was a joy to find out! And it shares a wonderful message about how God uses anyone who desires to serve Him, no matter what our age, how we look, or who we are. 

We need more Christian stories that lead children to a better understanding of Christ and what it means to be a Christian. The author managed to weave into his story what children can understand about serving God and living their lives for Him.

Children need a great presentation, bright colors and realistic characters to be interested in a book, and this one has it all!  I loved the ants, especially Tiny. They have such cute expressions and human personalities. Kids will fall in love with them.   

I highly recommend this book for children, and I guarantee adults will love it too!

About The Author Of "The Ant Called Tiny"

Miles Lewis Author Of An Ant Call Tiny

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Miles Phillip Lewis’ Amazing Testimony…

Miles loves to talk about what Jesus means to Him. He has an amazing and powerful testimony that is inspirational for all ages. Jesus means everything to his life. He influences whatever he does, including writing this story.  

   He says that he is not a typical author because he feels that he is the most unlikely writer. This is because he has severe dyslexia and he has Attention Deficit Disorder. And this is despite his having behavioral signs of Autism when he was very young. As a result, writing skills were difficult for him to master as a youth. This is what makes his story very important to share because he hopes to inspire others to never give up on their dreams especially, the dreams from God. 

   Miles also has a story to share about the healing power of Jesus Christ. He is a part of the mental health community, but he has been delivered from a severely disabling mental condition that runs very deep in his family. His mother is from a family of seven. Five of these seven children all had severe mental health issues including his mother. 

   Mile’s story is about a dream to write and a testimony of how God is more powerful than any illness. Here is his beautiful testimony of healing. 

“Jesus’ Healing touch and Grace saved my life many times. He is my saving Grace and without Him I can do nothing. With Him I can do all things through Him because He strengthens me!” 

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