An Exciting Means Of Sharing The Gospel! 

want to help you create an Internet ministry so I have provided this
section to help you discover and develop a website, blog or both to
spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Part of God’s purpose or will for
our lives is to help save the lost.  Are you doing your part?

If not an Internet ministry can be the answer!

not always taught how to share God’s Word when we become Christians.
 It’s mainly left up to our own initiative if we aren’t able to go door
to door with church members and leave pamphlets or talk to people about
attending church or receiving salvation

Fulfilling method of evangelizing to the world…

door to door isn’t what it used to be unless one knows the neighborhood
and the neighbors have formed some form of trust for those who canvass
their areas with something to offer.  By this I mean that people aren’t
as willing to open their doors to strangers as they once were.
 Christians need to respect that and not try to push people to open
their doors with loud banking on doors or excessive ringing of doorbells.  

My husband and I were in real estate
for a number of years before we retired and found that many people felt
threatened by strangers walking up to their doors.  So Christians need
alternatives to door-knocking when they aren’t well-known in a given
neighborhood or home-owners are opposed to trusting strangers. Pushiness
can be interpreted as suspicious behavior so don’t give people a reason
to avoid Christians or to have needless anxiety.  It will ruin your message.

There’s the other side of the coin as well.  It’s not always
safe, for especially women, to go out on their own and enter homes where
they don’t know the residents.  God protects us, but we also have to
use wisdom.  So it’s best to look to God for guidance and let Him show
us how we can best share the gospel.

This is why beginning a
Christian Internet ministry can be a great way to win the lost to Christ
or to teach Christians how to live successfully.  It’s something every
Christian can do.  Creating a specialized website or blog for evangelism
will do much to expand the Body of Christ.

What If You Can’t Write?

I have that covered.  Yvon Prehn has written two great books to help Christians begin a blog or website for free
or with very little money and information that teaches how to write on
the web to capture interest and growing traffic. All you have to do is
fill out the form below and you will receive a copy of each ebook
immediately! Besides, anyone can write. It just takes practice like
everything else. See below for links to pages that offer free website
creation information.

Free Information To Help You Share The Gospel On The Internet

Use the links
below to help you or give you ideas about beginning your own Christian
Internet Ministry in order to share salvation with a dying world.

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