Increase Your Book Sales
How To Sell More Christian Books.

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Increase Your Book Sales

Your Ultimate Internet Book Selling Machine organizes the Foundation You Need to create an increasing fanbase and to Grow Your Sales Exponentially.

Why I Wrote Your Ultimate Internet Book Selling Machine…

“I want to help Christian authors avoid wasting money and time promoting their books only to realize a small number of sales that eventually leads to little or NO BOOK SALES! That doesn’t have to be your reality! If you’re an author, you hold the key to your book’s success.”

“Hello and welcome!  My name is Margaret Lukasik and I want to help you sell more Christian books. I’m a Christian author who has been been selling my books since 1999, and have helped other Christians do the same since 2010. I’m now sharing the the deep secrets I’ve learned over the years which determine success or failure when it comes to growing book sales — especially for Christian books because they can be difficult to sell. 

   All the information included is the same information I’ve learned and developed for Christian books from my 20 plus years of selling books and learning how to grow a fan base. I had spent years trying to sell my books with expensive ads only, with great disappointment because I needed to take specific actions, first.  None of these actions cost me a dime when I began, but even now, I pay very little to keep a strong foundation for my book sales.   

   If you want consistent and growing sales, you need to put your book promotion into your own hands.  While this may sound as if it would take away your time from writing, think again.  Once you follow my easy instructions to quickly create your book selling machine, you won’t have to build that part of your sells engine again. The next step is to create your promotion information while you write your book.  

  Once you develop this fined tuned promotion mechanism, you can use it for fiction and non-fiction books. It can be developed completely free for new authors on a budget with the same quality and results as a person who has an unlimited budget. It’s easy to set up with my step-by-step instructions that have been helping other authors since 2010.  I include vital Internet secrets and information to create the bookselling machine mechanism that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Empower Your Book Sales!

Here's What You're Going To Learn From Margaret That Other Experts Don't Teach!

Increase Your Book Sales

Grow Your Fan Base

Turn any website into a lead machine that attracts your fan base to buy what you write. Do it for free!

Write To Sell

Once you develop your Internet selling machine, you'll learn how to write and sell at the same time.

Earn An income

Creating your Internet selling machine develops a strong book selling business to increase your income.

Learn What You Need To Know

The first part of Your Ultimate Internet Book Selling Machine is designed to teach a working promotion technique that draws relevant and free visitors while strategically converting visitors into buyers for more sales. This valuable information is included to help you sell more Christian books easily. The rest of the book is filled with references to:

Book Selling Strategies

Learn keyword placement strategies for your book’s description, create the quality images you need free, and use the best Call To Action strategies on a book sales page you will learn how to easily write yourself. If you need a website, create an author site the right way for little or no money in a day or less.  Whatever you need it’s covered in this must-have guide written specifically to help you sell more Christian books.

Why You Need Your Ultimate Internet Book Selling Machine!


… You need to learn the hidden strategies that will take you beyond the idea that others will sell your book for you. They will, but realistically you’ll need specific information to help them sell your book in the quantities that bring success rather than failure.  

ONLY YOU CAN DO THIS!  Today you’re going to learn how by quickly utilize the strategies that take you beyond submitting your book to promotion sites and hoping to get more sales.  That mindset will change to a strategic mindset of growing sales that come…. FROM ALL OVER THE INTERNET ON AUTOPILOT.  

Discover the way to develop a large and growing fan base that will purchase what you write. When you’re ready for special promotions you’ll have a waiting audience to be there to insure the successful results you need.

Testimonials and Reviews

Increase Your Book Sales
"I wanted to tell you that your book was worth waiting for. What I especially like is that you simply get on stage, deliver your good information, then get off stage!"
Increase Your Book Sales
Robert Stephson
"As a Christian author it is often difficult to promote my efforts, but a great place to start is with Margaret. She knows the marketplace and has an established reputation."
Increase Your Book Sales
Dr. Edward Mrkvicka
Renowned Author and Christian Counselor
"When I do a Google search for the title of our book, one of her pages comes up first, even before Amazon and my own website!”
Increase Your Book Sales
Gary Milner
Author / Speaker
"As a result of Margaret's expertise, I was able to successfully submit the files for both the Amazon version and the Kindle version and they were both accepted and printed to my satisfaction"
Increase Your Book Sales
James S. Casimier, Th.D.
Pastor and Author

Your Ultimate Internet Book Selling Machine Book Review:

This book has helped me tremendously in learning how to get my book published on Amazon. I wasn’t even aware of all these little things such as book covers, categories, keywords, SEO’s, book pricing, subscriber lists, automatic emails, selling with Facebook and more! I love how the author explained every detail and took us step by step through the book process. I feel more confident in creating my book with these steps to get published and how to get it to sell. This book is full of great information you won’t find in other books to get you on your way to creating and selling your digital book!   – Emily Dahl

Begin Writing Your Testimony, Story or Information Book Today!

Without realizing it, you can be a successful author. Your Ultimate Internet Book Selling Machine is the process you need to prove your talent and ability through your message, teaching or story.  When you follow the information I share, you’ll know how to write in a way that will inspire your fan base to purchase what you write!” 

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