Saved or Unsaved? How To Recognize False Salvation!



How To Recognize False Salvation

In these latter days there are many false profits who claim to represent Christ, but in reality their task is to trick people from receiving their salvation.  If you’re a Christian, this doesn’t leave you safe.  Many Christians are tricked because they don’t live their salvation.

The list given here for false salvation signs are a wake-up call for those who claim to be a Christian, yet don’t have the signs following (Mark 16:20) of a new creature in Christ.  With this list, you won’t be fooled into believing someone is a Christian or not.  This is especially important for new Christians and Christians new to the Word.

 As Christian’s, our lives should be a reflection of Jesus Christ so that we’ll show Christ’s light to the world in all that we do. While many believe this is an arduous task, it is only a matter of resting (Matthew 11:28-30) in the work of Jesus Christ on the cross.

We have power in His name because of this to do all things (Philippians 4:13) .  So as we follow the New Testament law of walking in God’s love, we’ll have the power to overcome all the signs of a false conversion listed below.  -Margaret Lukasik

For understanding, false salvation represents those who call themselves Christians, but don’t have evidence of their salvation or God’s Word reflected in their lives daily. We must center around God first in all things according to Matthew 6:25-34. As we trust Him, He will always provide for us.


List Of False Salvation Signs

Important Signs of False Salvation Are When A Person:

  • will not seek God or thirst for God and does not have the fruits of the spirit and repentance.
  • repeatedly satisfies the desires of the flesh and engages in sinful behavior without repentance.
  • will fall away when trouble or persecution comes.
  • will show little or no evidence of salvation by the way they live their lives and they do not resist sin and temptations.
  • lacks conviction of sin and they have a unbroken patterns of sin even after they receive the knowledge of truth.
  • will Appear Outwardly Godly & Appear Very Spiritual as well as religious but inwardly they are ungodly, unholy.
  • will Compromise with the World by keeping one foot in the world and another foot in Gods word.
  • will choose not to obey Gods word and his commandments.
  • will live by his own feelings and opinions instead of God’s Word.
  • will not put God and his Word first in their life rather they are more into worldly materialism, fun and enjoyment.
  • will mock you or find excuses to defend himself when they are rebuked or corrected.
  • is often filled with pride and arrogance, boasting and justifing their sinful lifestyle proudly by living Contrary to God’s Word.
  • does not have self-control, they hate discipline, hate God’s law, commandments and his way.
  • will lack Godly example in their behavior and life styles and they do not live a holy and righteous life.
  • has the evidence of works of flesh, darkness and works of Satan.
  • will not adorn himself with decent modest apparel which is pleasing and glorifying to God.



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