How To Live God's Will
By God's Design

God’s Is Strengthening His Church!

William Booth,  Salvation Army founder, warned society at the beginning of the 20th Century about the eroding social conditions of the world! However God is working great and mightly miracles through the lives of His people!

After Salvation, Then What?

Part One Of The Created For Greatness Series Is Changing Lives! 

You Were Created For Greatness by God’s Design! provides an identifiable path for Christians to quickly remove whatever obstacles are keeping them from their spiritual growth, goals or Christian service. Many who wish to serve God don’t realize that it’s not possible to discover and develop God’s plan for their lives without specific Bible knowledge that begins with successful Christian living.

The teaching in this study, based 100 percent on scripture, will help you accomplish this goal while it also prepares you with the knowledge you need to fulfill your purpose, even if you’re a new believer, new to the Word, or you’re at a spiritual impasse. It’s the Christian foundation Study (Part 1) of my Created For Greatness Series that is a part of the teachings I’ve shared with my Online Community since 1999.

Live God's Will and

Grow In It Daily.

Know How To Live By God's Will.

Learn what to do the moment after you accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Salvation is only the first step in God’s plan. Living His Word is living God’s will. God expects His people to follow HIm and this is how we do it. 

Accelerate Your Spiritual Growth.

Whether new to the Word or a new Christian, you’ll learn how to use Biblical principles to accelerate your Spiritual Growth. Enter God’s Kingdom and learn how to consistently receive your kingdom blessings and your purpose to serve God.

Healing Is God's Will For Our Lives.

Don’t wait for spirit, soul or bodily healing. It belongs to you NOW! Learn from the first lesson how to receive physical, mental healing and freedom from past wounds and failures that are separating you from abundant living (John 10:10).

DISCOVER: God's Will For You Alone


This unique study will reveal the great plans God has for you that will prosper your life and secure a fulfilling future. You are a part of a Holy Nation who can accomplish God’s will unconditionally because you are complete in Christ Jesus (Colossians 2:10).  You’ll learn how to live a successful Christian lifestyle that at the same time prepares you to develop the special talents and abilities specific to you alone for successfully accomplishing God’s plan for your life to live God’s will! YOU WERE CREATED FOR GREATNESS by God’s design, and you can begin living that life right now! 

- Learn How To Release Your Kingdom Blessings -

While the Bible doesn’t change to fit who we are at the time we seek God, this study will become a separate experience for whoever reads it by the Holy Spirit. We’re all created as unique individuals who come to God with our own set of ideas, beliefs, and realities influenced by our environments. Therefore, as you quickly learn how to live God’s will, the information based on scripture and Biblical principles will help you define your current position in Christ to accelerate spiritual growth accurately for successful Christian living.

Healing, Empowerment and Purpose


Main Areas Of

Training Focus To Live God’s Will.

  • Connect with God for a deeper and lasting relationship with Him…
  • Know that you’ve heard God’s voice for guidance and how to follow what you hear…
  • Develop mountain moving faith to take the authority you have in Christ for your life and life purpose…
  • Achieve the intimate and effective prayer life you need…
  • Power walk with the Holy Spirit for rapid spiritual growth…
  • Overcome past failure, brokenness, or trauma to heal for a successful reality…
  • Overcome limiting thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors to become inwardly confident and strong in Christ…
  • Attain the joy and peace that comes from living your best life and purpose to the glory of God and much more… 

Created For Greatness Reviews

You Were Created For Greatness! is such a blessing!

I have learned a lot from this book and have learned how to be empowered for greatness. It not only has the ABCs of faith, it also explains clearly the steps to walk the faith walk and not slip into dead works, self-efforts and condemnations that may trip us up. This is a manual for the Body of Christ from a truly gifted teacher of the Word who lives what she teaches.

Peter Koren, Artist and Christian Author

Created For Greatness By God’s Design is a well put together and powerful study and devotional to empower Christians and non-believers to obtain a true relationship with God in steps. From the significance of the red poppy flower, to the importance of confessing God’s Word, avoiding self pity, the power of forgiveness, beware of false realities, Wow! Powerful read for a Christian’s spiritual growth and living a life of blessings. This is a 5 Star Book!

Dr. Shon Lewis, Pastor, Counselor and Author 

Essential Christian Basics:  Margaret Lukasik’s new book is a must read for babes in Christ as well as Christian leaders. For babes it provides a much-needed introduction to essential basics of Christian philosophy and practice. For Christian leaders it provides re-alignment and refocuses the mind on the efficacy and sufficiency of the work the LORD Jesus accomplished on the Cross.  Traditional clutter and all legalism can be excised from our Christian paradigm as we Discover or Re-Discover the Key Of David.  The work accomplished on the Cross is sufficient for all our earthly and eternal needs according to Margaret Lukasik. The necessary work has been completed.   – Steve Ashford, Associate Pastor

Very Insightful & A Must Have:  The author has the ability to take something from my perspective which seems really hard to do, like living God’s will, and making it so simple to do. Making the commitment to live God’s will is a hard step to take with God. So, I could not help smiling as I realized that by following the steps she shares, before you know it, you will be living a life totally committed to Him in the simplest way. The author used her past experiences along with Bible verses to get you there.  – M. Andre

Know Who You Are!

Many people can’t find their way in life because they don’t know who they are. Once you begin this study you’ll learn that all Christians are brought together and identified as God’s children. We are united without worldly classification and worthy to receive God’s blessings and share them wherever we go. We have been given the strength and ability in Him to overcome whatever tries to break the Spirit of the living God within us. We are victorious in Christ by the authority we have in Him!

Don’t Wait For An Emergency To Call On God! Be Prepared In Christ Now!


Get the Interactive Created For Greatness Workbook, the “I AMs Audio Books,” video, meditations and more from the Created For Greatness Resource Library that continues to grow. You don’t need to download anything. Listen or view from your browser, phone or tablet. All resources were created by Margaret to enhance the Created For Greatness by God’s Design! Study in PDF Format.

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