The Serpent Beguiled Eve by Acacia Slaton


Psalm 120:2 (ESV)  2. "Deliver me, O Lord, from lying lips, from a deceitful tongue."


A Book Like No Other!

This Is A True Story That Shares The Devastating Experience Of Acacia Slaton Who Expected To Embark On The Life Of Her Dreams, Only To Experience Her Worst Nightmare!

Acacia Slaton is an award winning author of Christian books, a family counselor and mother of two daughters!

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Specifically The Serpent Beguiled Eve is the journey of the author from a hopeful bride to a woman in jeopardy of losing the family structure she assumed would be a strong tie between herself, her husband and their two young daughters. Once she learned of her Christian husband's sexual preference for men, she did everything she could to get him help and to save her family, but she found herself on a lonely path of much resistance.  LOOK AT THESE STATISTICS....

Concerning Gay Men In America

  • 20% Of All Gay Men Are Married To Women
  • 50% Of All Gay Men Have Fathered Children

(According To Compiled Statistics From

You can see this is a possibility for yourself, a friend, relative and even your daughter.


But This Is Not A Book Just For Women!  It's For Everyone!

Why This Is A "Must Have Book" For All Christians...

It Teaches Vital Information Everyone Should Know:

  • Learn how to be guided by God for a successful marriage and general relationships
  • Know how to help the people you love avoid being deceived by someone they trust or love
  • Know the signs of men who are looking to marry a woman to hide their homosexual lifestyle
  • Protect your children from molestation to prevent homosexuality and abuse
  • Develop confidence and trust in God before looking for someone to "complete" your life
  • If you've already been beguiled and deceived find the best resources for your situation
  • Learn how to approach and educate family members about your situation
  • Find out how to approach the person who has deceived you to heal and to move forward

The Serpent Beguiled Eve Is A Book Of Warning, Christian Teaching and Guidance To Help Others

Acacia's latest book already has over 30 positive reviews and growing on from people who have been blessed by The Serpent Beguiled Eve. It's been presented the "Faith-Friendly" Seal for ages 12 plus, and five Doves from The Dove Foundation ( It was recently featured on Inspirational Book Review for 2 months and is being considered as their Inspirational Book of the Year!  It's also used on for a source of guidance on the subject of adult recovery from child abuse and molestation.  Acacia's book is off to a great start!  See Below for only a few of Acacia's reviews.

The Specific Subject Of "The Serpent Beguiled Eve" Can Be Awkward, Especially For Christians, But Someone Has To Speak About It!

Let's go a little deeper into Acacia's experience to show you why.

The subject of women unknowingly marrying homosexual men takes many by surprise and Acacia was no exception. While she couldn't avoid noticing certain signs that something was wrong with her husband before and after marriage, it took some time for her to realize that she had been victimized by a man who desired sexual relationships with men over being a committed husband to Acacia and father to their two children.

     By all accounts he was living a normal life.  He even went to church, professing Christian values as a show for all who knew him.  But as a result of his deception Acacia's and her children fell prey to something even more sinister; the possibility of contracting AIDS!

     She had to take two HIV tests, both which came back negative.  Yet she is very much aware that her fate could have been much different.  This is why we all must look to God's Word before trusting people blindly.  When we do, He will guide us and protect us from making the kind of mistakes that can be dramatically life-changing.

Romans 7: 18   Our flesh-our sinful tendencies-may cause us to doubt God's faithfulness and question his sovereignty and ability to bring us out of the trial that we're in. Our flesh may even boast in pride, "I don't need God. I don't need anyone!"

When we follow the Word, God will set things right in our lives and use our mistakes as a purpose to help others and to help us grow in Him.  I believe The Serpent Beguiled Eve is a unique book that bears the truth from a period of the author's life that was painful, but offers much information to help others remain close to the Word of God for strength and wisdom. In so doing, it will you avoid the kind of problems that can turn you away from God or keep you from receiving God's greatest blessings.  It will keep you from becoming beguiled and deceived!

The Serpent Beguiled Eve Testimonies

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A MUST READ For Anyone Who Has Ever Been Betrayed

"I am glad that Ms. Slaton was obedient to God and decided to share her personal trials with others through this book..." Ms. Mackey

The Truth

"This book was a page turner and it resonated in some ways with my own past life of old hurts with people I dated..." 

Gwendolyn Patrice Williams

True Page Turner!

"Enjoyed this book thoroughly! So thankful to the author for her courage, boldness and willingness to share..." Tiffany Varner

Sin and Human Relationships

"The book analyzes our own relationship with God and how unwittingly we can fall into sin..." John Berryon

Everyone Has Been Lied To By Someone They
Have Cared About Or Have Loved!  

The way we deal with such a heartbreaking situation is the difference between healing or living a bitter life that will only lead to more pain.  Acacia learned the power of using God's love and forgiveness to heal and move forward.  "The Serpent Beguiled Eve" provides the answers to healing now from painful relationships in order to be ready for the people God has prepared for us to successfully share our lives with.



Children Are Also At Risk!


Many wonder if molestation of a male child causes homosexuality or if it's a myth? Acacia's husband believed that it was the cause of his homosexuality or at least responsible for his inclination to prefer men over women.  Sexually abused as a young boy, neither of his parents acknowledged his problem, leaving him to deal with his pain in silence. 

     Although gay activists distance the gay lifestyle from pedophilia, there are enough statistics to show otherwise. One has only to look on the Internet for sources that show evidence indicating that homosexual men molest boys at rates grossly disproportionate to the rates at which heterosexual men molest girls.  

     But this is not a book of facts and statistics, but rather the life experience of the author who reveals the chain of negative events that can occur from the experience of childhood molestation.  Not only are the innocent boys who are molested victimized as children and adults, but the people who are close to them suffer as well.

    This can also happen to girl children so the information you'll learn will not only protect adults, but it can help to save innocent children from the evils of abuse and molestation no matter what their sex.  Learn how to protect yourself and your family from abuse in any form.   

     The Serpent Beguiled Eve offers a plethora of important information for successful Christian living, but in keeping with the theme of this unique book you'll specifically learn information that is not often available or found in other Christian books or on Christian websites.   

     I urge you to do everything you can to protect yourself and your family against any form of abuse that can easily come against you.  Take responsibility to keep your life and your family safe!  You don't have to be a victim!

Let "The Serpent Beguiled Eve" Lead You To God's Greatest Blessings!

Here Are Just A Few Highlights...


Acacia has added much helpful information throughout her story that will help you overcome broken dreams, divorce, breaking up with someone and starting over again in life.

  • Benefit 1 - Live in the present to enjoy life daily while you create a successful future.
  • Benefit 2 - Learn how to use God's Word in your daily life for wisdom and guidance to avoid trusting the wrong people
  • Benefit 3 - As you read Acacia's story you'll realize that you have a purpose in life and you'll learn how to trust God to live it.
  • Benefit 4 - Learn from Acacia how to forgive in a way that brings healing and renewal.
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