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Empowered Christian Messages

My Empowered Christian Messages will keep you grounded in Christ Jesus to daily achieve victory in your life, prayer and spiritual growth that all work together for empowerment to overcome the difficulties that you can’t seem to overcome on your own.   

I care about you and hope that I can help you through your journey of living God’s Word by learning more about you and what you’re going through today.  In Christ we don’t have to be afraid of anything as we learn to rest in Him and trust in God. 

Knowing this process will empower you in any situation to focus upon Christ rather than your circumstance.  You’ll know that God is with you and helping you every step of the way.  In Christ you are victorious!

The Mission Of My Empowered Christian Messages

The mission of my weekly messages is to teach Christians how to move forward with God NOW rather than waiting months or years to receive healing of body, soul or mind, to grow spiritually strong in Christ or to receive the many blessings provided through the redemption of Jesus Christ.  You are entitled to receive them NOW!  Knowing who you are in Christ is an “Aha!” moment that will stop you from feeling as if you don’t deserve God’s best.

If you’re looking to receive God’s blessings and to become a blessing, let me help you from where you are today. I’ll help to make the scriptures you need come alive in your life so that you can do more than understand them, but live them daily.  

If you’re ready to live your best life in Christ, sign-up below for my Empowered Christian Messages and receive the life-changing course, The Triumph Of Christ In You with my Interactive Breakthrough Prayer Planner and Journal* that has been helping people organize their specific prayers and journal their progress at the same time for success. 

Together these ebooks will transform your thinking and focus to living victoriously in Christ.  This is the same information that helped me and many others to grow in Christ as Christians new to the Word. 


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Don’t let the fear of sickness, violence or chaos ruin the ABUNDANT life that Jesus has given freely (John 10:10).  Christians have authority in Christ to overcome anything. Sign-up for the 3 steps to make the enemy back down IN ANY SITUATION!

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