Introducing The Greatness By God’s Designe Holy Spirit Bible Study

Holy Spirit Bible StudyI’ve completed the Holy Spirit Bible Study titled The Triune Nature Of God.  It works hand in hand with my most popular study, Doing Business God’s Way Bible Study.   This is why I’ve included it free for a limited time with DBGW.

This study can also be purchased separately to help Christians learn how to work with God within every Person of the Trinity.  Many Christians are confused about how to approach God, how to understand Jesus and don’t realize that the Holy Spirit was sent by Jesus to help us daily.


This Holy Spirit Bible Study Clears Any Confusion About The Trinity

The Holy Spirit Bible Study will help you grow spiritually in a way that isn’t possible unless you know the Father within the triune nature of the Trinity.  Have you ever felt confused about the Trinity?  I have!  That’s why I wrote this study.  After a few years of study sessions, I created The Triune Nature Of God to help Christians better understand the many studies I offer on my site and other Bible studies and Christian books.

This is a short study will open your eyes to the fullness of God’s nature and open the door to better communication, understanding and prayer.  If you can’t understand the full-functioning nature of God, then you can’t understand how to work with Him and serve Him at a higher level.

If you think the Holy Spirit Bible Study will be helpful to you, either order it separately or with the Doing Business God’s Way Bible Study. If you wish to obtain it separately you can do that as well.  I’ve included the link below.  You can go here Doing Business God’s Way Bible Study to get it with the Business Bible Study.  Or go here to get this one-of-a-kind Holy Spirit Bible Study only.

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