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Healing Prayer List
Join My Prayer List

I want to invite you to join our healing prayer list to receive answered prayer.  I want your prayer answered, so rather than my being just another person you share your name and prayer request with, I want to pray with you according to Matthew 18:18-20.

Once you learn how to pray the prayer of Agreement from Matthew 18:18-20, you can teach your family and friends to pray with you.  I feel responsible to make sure you understand how to receive answered prayer when you share your information on a prayer list or ask others to pray with you to get the scriptural benefit of those verses. 

I’ve taken the time to create a short lesson about how to use this prayer that will generate more faith for your situation by praying with others.  However, if you already know this prayer and wish to visit the Victory Prayer Room now, Click Here.  I’m going to be adding information about the different types of prayer and prayer information to help you receive from God when you pray because He always answers our prayers.  


The Prayer Of Agreement

Hover over Matthew 18:18-20 to learn what Jesus said about the prayer of agreement:


Learn How To Pray With Others Correctly

The purpose of the study is to share how to have successful prayer results when you pray with others.  Christians don’t realize that praying with others can actually keep them from receiving answered prayer if not said correctly.  The problems we encounter can be used to draw us closer to God as we learn how to pray according to His principles for answered prayer and by knowing what belongs to us in Christ.  Healing is one of many blessings provided us in the Bible so we should always look to God for good health and healing. 

However, healing isn’t always physical.  God will heal our mental and emotional problems as well as difficult situations or bring us spiritual clarity.   Healing can be for any part of your life that needs mending, so I’m thankful to pray in agreement with you for whatever need you have.

It’s best if you take my short prayer of agreement study before you get on my prayer list,  because it will guide you into praying in agreement with others, knowing that Jesus is right there in your presence as you pray according to Matthew 18:19-20.  If you haven’t received successful prayer results when you pray with others, this study is for you.  If you think you need this study, go to the Prayer Of Agreement Study.  If not, see below. 

Or Get On My Prayer List Now…

If you already understand how to pray with others in agreement, you can get on my prayer list now.  You’ll receive free access to my Short Faith and Prayer Video Course that teaches the prayer of faith which the prayer of agreement is based upon.  They remind Christians that we should receive God’s Word as a child according to Jesus (Matthew 18:3-4).

Click here to sign up and share your prayer request by clicking on “Prayer Room” from the menu.   I’ll see you there!


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