Healing From Adultery In A Marriage Where The Husband Was Cheating With Men

Acacia Slaton Acacia Slaton is a name in the Christian world of writing who chooses to use her life as a means of teaching the Word for living God’s will.  Her latest book and memoir of a period in her life, The Serpent Beguiled Eve, is now available and getting great reviews.

After reading her dynamic book I decided to make her the featured author of my site within my “healing section” for courageously sharing her story about being married to a homosexual man who beguiled her into marriage in order to cover his secret lifestyle. It took Acacia some time to heal and begin her life over, but she has shown her readers how to successfully overcome the past by looking to God for a new beginning.

She admits that her marriage to a homosexual man wasn’t an easy subject to write about, especially having to go back into such a difficult part of her life.  But with courage and tenacity she moved forward with God to share her story with the desire to help others avoid the same pain she had endured for a time in her young life.

I realized the opportunity to use Acacia’s book on my site as a great source of healing for anyone who has suffered from broken relationships as well as living with a spouse who decides to “come out” and leave their family broken.  However, one of the greatest benefits of Acacia’s book is that it shares the signs to look for in order to avoid being deceived.

The Serpent Beguiled Eve also offers the benefit of sharing the tragedies of childhood abuse when parents aren’t available and ready to help their children heal.  Acacia’s husband was abused as a child and he believes that his abuse and his parents inability to acknowledge that abuse is what caused his sexual preferences and his addiction to having sex with other men at all costs.

But this multifaceted book isn’t just about being beguiled into marriage.  Some people can be easily tricked when someone desires something they believe they will never be able to achieve on their own.  Others are simply naive and believe whatever people tell them.  Whatever the reasons that can cause people to be tricked by others, Acacia shares scripture and wisdom that will help anyone overcome that vulnerability by looking to God for what they need, for guidance and for daily wisdom.

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