Scriptural Healing Can Cause Hatred From Non-Believers and Even Christians! Don’t Let Them Keep You From The Truth!

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If you’re trusting God to heal you, don’t allow the hatred of others keep you from the Word and it’s promise of scriptural healing.

I’ve been hated by people because of the Word, but mostly by Christians regarding divine healing. When I was new to the Word I prayed for scriptural healing for many health issues I had at the time. I was so thankful every time I had received answered prayer that I wanted to share what God had done for me with sick family members and others who spoke about their poor health issues. Much of the response differed from non-believer to Christians, but many times I received hateful comments and threats to shut up because God no longer heals in modern times.

Non-believers usually looked at me funny as if I were strange or foolish. I get that because the world can’t understand the things of God. I came to realize that for many people, sickness, ailments and disease are important parts of their daily conversations to get attention or perhaps just to one-up someone else’s medical problem. Complaining about health issues is kind of a social thing for some people, so they don’t want anyone to take that away from their arsenal of conversation starters and a means of having something to talk about that relates to other people.

This is especially true with older people, but younger people can do this too. Not realizing or perhaps caring that glorifying sickness keeps a person in the midst of medical problems, they continue in this cycle of negativity. Anyone who challenges them with a story of scriptural healing isn’t going to be too popular in their company so the message of God for healing will most likely fall deaf on their ears. They need a more subtle means of exposure to scriptural healing that may or may not have an effect upon them.

The most dramatic response to scriptural healing that I’ve received is from Christians for a multitude of reasons that all relate to one belief; “that God doesn’t heal today, but if He does, it’s only some people as He wills. This makes absolutely no spiritual sense because it goes against what God says in His Word and it takes away from Christ’s redemptive work on the cross. He shed His blood for everyone, not just a chosen few.

This specific belief makes it easy for many Christians to attend church on Sundays and then forget about God and His Word the rest of the week. If they can avoid one truth from God’s Word, then it’s easy to avoid all the others they don’t wish to believe concerning attitude and behavioral changes to live the life they choose rather than God’s will. I’ve come to believe this is one of the largest reasons why so many Christians and relatives in my life have become so heated and angry over my enthusiasm for receiving scriptural or divine healing. If they listen to me about divine healing, then they become responsible to live God’s Word for everything He says.

When Christians hear that God is not a respecter of persons and that He will heal anyone who believes by faith that through Jesus Christ they are healed, they become challenged! They aren’t angry with the messenger, but with the message. Some Christians don’t wish to be challenged within their hearts or spirits by the Holy Spirit because they don’t like to feel uncomfortable. The Holy Spirit bears witness to the Word within our hearts, guiding us to live the Word. When we refuse, we get an uncomfortable feeling with our spirits that doesn’t go away!

My message today is to avoid listening to Christians who feel uncomfortable about living the Word and people who find it foolish to believe that Christ still heals today. Realize that you can take the Word of God by faith and receive your healing! If you only believe that God might heal you, then you cannot develop faith to receive it. Take God’s Word and embrace it over what anyone tells you or how uncomfortable or angry you might make someone feel. We walk by faith and not by sight or sense knowledge!