Healing Brokenness Of The Soul

Secrets Of Broken Pottery By Heidi McKendrick

SECRETS OF BROKEN POTTERYThere are many people who live their daily lives functioning as if everything is going well, yet when they dare to look within, they realize that inwardly they’re suffering and they don’t know how to fix the broken pieces. 

Author Heidi McKendrick uses the analogy of broken pottery in her book, Secrets Of Broken Pottery to give a clear picture of how God sees our brokenness and how He lovingly puts the broken and shattered pieces of our lives together with a peaceful and victorious conclusion. 

Healing Brokenness From The Inside Out

What many people don’t understand is that no worldly remedies can exceed what God has already done for mankind when He sacrificed His Son, Jesus Christ on the cross.  While Jesus died on the cross for our sins so that we can have eternal life, He also died so that we can be healed of the deep rooted problems that we’re unable to heal on our own or that could take years to detect by worldly means.

Secrets Of Broken Pottery details the love, healing, compassion, mercy, forgiveness and every characteristic of God’s nature to make whole what has been broken by ourselves, others and the many circumstances in life that are set in motion against us.  God’s infinite love covers every pain of brokenness that we can suffer, and any pain, harm, sickness or disease.  Therefore Heidi covers in detail the many ways in which mankind can suffer, and the extraordinary love of God to heal and make whole. 

Secrets Of Broken Pottery Conclusion

There is so much to learn from Secrets Of Broken Pottery for all believers whether we’re in a season of brokenness or a time of lending ourselves to the needs of others. The lesson most important to me was being aware of the brokenness our decisions or actions can cause others to experience.

I highly recommend Secrets Of Broken Pottery because we’ve all been broken at some time in our lives and we’ve all broken the pottery of others, even if it wasn’t by intention.  I also recommend the dynamic hardback version of this book on Amazon. It’s a beautiful experience that includes images and illustrations that add to Heidi’s message. 

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