How Can You Heal From Grief Once It’s Overcome Your Life and Has Left You Feeling Hopeless?

Heal From Grief


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The process of healing from grief can be difficult if we don’t take time to let God help us. Learn how to develop that trust.

Look To God’s Word To Heal From Grief and Restore Your Life

Losing someone we love or experiencing a dramatic change in life is never easy. It can take time and the love and understanding from those we care about to help us through the grieving process.

But even in the midst of a wonderful family and friends, healing can be difficult. And if our circumstances get the better of us, a general depression can occur. Worse regular depression can escalate into clinical depression.

How or if we decide to treat grieving, and all the symptoms that go with it, will determine whether we heal or continue to deteriorate. The worse thing we can do is to do nothing. However, in the worst of times emotionally, it can be difficult for some to take charge of their lives unless they had learned to lean upon God during good times.

Seeking medical help might be the next step to recovery, but once under a doctor’s care, a seriously grieved or depressed person is usually prescribed medication. This can be helpful short-term, but there are risks. Certain types of medication can cause a person to have dramatic mood swings and health problems. They can also be mind altering.

Prescribed medication can also have devastating effects should the dosage be incorrectly prescribed. While this is rare, I’m presently rewriting this article in the hope of helping others to take great precaution when discussing the use of medication with their doctors. They need to know all the facts about any drug their doctor is prescribing, and they need to proceed cautiously under a reputable doctor’s care along with God’s guidance.

You Can Heal From Grief Or Depression Without God

Recently an acquaintance, who had been diagnosed as by-polar, was prescribed the wrong dosage of medication after not using it for a number of years. She appeared to be a lovely person without the medication, but after having her third child she became obsessed with having money. We recently learned that her doctor had also prescribed medical marijuana.

Before she started taking the medication and marijuana, she and her new husband were quite well-off for some time, but as she spent more and more money to compete with his wealthy friends, she became more and more depressed as their assets were reduced and their money almost gone.

From my observation this is what caused her depression to emerge. She could be very mean and then very kind. It was all highs and lows. I tried to help her look at the good in her life, and when she focused upon her blessings, she was fine. But as she became more and more desperate for money, it wasn’t easy to communicate with her. This is where the Word is so important because it will keep us focused upon God and keep us from looking to money and things as the ultimate fulfillment in our lives.

One day she asked my husband and I to give her a large sum of money to put into a business that she claimed would make her millions of dollars. We both knew it was a shaky idea at best so we politely said that we didn’t think the investment would be good for us and that her business ideas would go against our beliefs. She kicked us out of her home and after that her behavior become more erratic. Now I understand why.

Frankly all she needed was to get away from the environment of superficial people she was trying to please, but without Christ (I learned that she was an atheist), her focus kept shifting to things instead of people. While in this state, she gave birth to another baby and after she had stopped breastfeeding, she decided to take medication and quit her job.

I remember her telling me once that she would go crazy if she ever had to stay home and take care of her children. I didn’t think she had meant it literally because she was an excellent mother from what I could see.

The Bible says that we get what we say, and in this case her words became a reality. With so much marijuana in her system she decided to kill either her baby or her oldest son who was 14 as a sacrifice to save the world. She decided to brutally murder the 17 month old baby. She was in jail for over two years and is now going to prison after just being sentenced with 25 years. Her family and everyone who new her is devastated, of course. Especially her husband and remaining children.

At present her husband, (now ex-husband) who is also an atheist, must try to get through the most devastating grief imaginable without God. He said at trial that the only closure he has had is getting past the trial which has just ended (May, 2011). So he is still filled with much pain. Without God it’s going to be a difficult path to heal from grief.

Focus Upon God To Heal From Grief

As I’ve, this is a rare situation, but it tells us that we need to listen with open minds to our doctors, but also listen to our hearts to consider God and what He can do for us. Doctors are human and they can make mistakes. In the case of this woman, had she lived her life through Christ daily and focused upon God’s truth, she could have prospered financially while she kept a strong mental health, even if she needed help from the medical profession.

God’s guidance would have kept her from the marijuana which can cause great depression and delusions. We need to always believe for God to guide us to the right doctors and to work through them. When we do, w’ll have nothing to worry about.

God Will Always Provide What You Need

God will provide whatever we need as long as we center upon Him first. If we don’t, we can become vulnerable to our emotions instead of having a stable mind. Then when we experience a crises, we can lose ourselves emotionally, and if a doctor’s care is needed we might do whatever we’re told without having the mental stamina to examine their advice or diagnosis if it includes a medication with possible side-effects that are dangerous.

We need to let God keep us always, not just during the difficult times. This will give us a strong faith and peace of mind that God is there for us to help us get through each day and through moments when we find life to difficult to deal with alone.

Healing from grief or difficult times is when we need God the most, and if we already know how to approach Him and rest in Him, then we can heal more rapidly and be a part of life again for those who need us and care for us.

Another negative to medication is continuing its use by habit when it is no longer needed, rather than facing reality and getting back to normal. Doing this can be debilitating in all areas of life.  A good dose of God’s medicine will mend the heart and return a person to their normal state of mental health or better. God will heal us mentally, physically and spiritually.

I recommend using Biblical Affirmations right away after experiencing grief with the belief that God’s Word will cause you to heal from grief. Getting God’s Word into your heart will help you begin to heal more rapidly while you feel the confidence of God’s love and compassion. This experience can enhance the love given you by those who are trying to help you. God can work through them with the right words or just their silent presence to see you through.

Don’t give up medicine if it’s helping you and not causing you mental, emotional or physical problems, but continue with God’s Word so that you can safely begin to heal from grief. Eventually you’ll be able to get off the medication.



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