Understanding God’s Will Concerning Phases II and III

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God's Will

Know the difference between God’s Will For Everyone and God’s Will For Your Life.

Once we have received salvation, which is God’s will for the world, (Phase I of His will), we must live the Word (Phase II), and God’s Specific will (Phase III) for our lives. It’s important to learn the distinct difference between Phases II and III because any confusion may keep you from living the fullness of God’s purpose for your life. Go to the “Three Phases Of God’s Will” short study for more information about Phase I if you haven’t already read that lesson.  God will help you discover and develop your life purpose, but you must be willing to seek His guidance, obey it and live by His Word daily.  This study will help you to understand God’s will from His perspective rather than your own or the worlds.

We must reach out to God daily by living His Word and by living the individual purpose He has for each of us to fulfill. God’s will is a two-fold action we must live.


II.  God’s Will (His Word) For Every Christian

III. God’s Specific Will For Every Christian


Phase II Of God’s Will: Living By The Word

God’s will for every Christian is the same. We learn what it is by reading and studying the Bible.  As we learn what God has to say, we must act upon it to make it a reality in our lives.

Romans 10:17 says, that faith comes by hearing and Hearing comes by the Word of God.  God gives us principles to implement His Word into our lives so that we can live full and complete lives in Christ.  Before we can fulfill God’s specific will for our lives, we must first commit to living God’s Word on a daily basis.  Without the desire for God’s Word to be at work in our lives, we will never be ready to serve God or live the purpose He has given each of us.

This means looking to God with a trust that He will help us do what He says.  We make His Word come alive in us by choosing to do things God’s way instead of our own.  We do this by faith and trust that God will give us successful results in all that we do–even if it doesn’t look as if it’s so at the time.  God never fails us, however, our faith can let us down if we are not strong in the Word.

How we learn God’s Word is the same for everyone.  It’s not a mystery, but a daily activity that will yield a life of peace, joy and prosperity in all areas of life as we apply God’s specific Words to those areas.  For Bible studies and study tips that will help you begin understanding the scriptures, visit my Victory Bible Studies website.  

Studying God’s Word and practicing it daily is an on-going process that will help us to fulfill the scriptures in our lives.  When we do this, we are following God and living His Word or “will” to be like Jesus.  This does not mean that we become perfect.  After a time we will see great success in our lives, but when we make mistakes, we look to God and ask for His forgiveness in Jesus’ name and receive it.  Therefore we become perfected in Jesus Christ.

How do we know that following God’s Word will result in a successful life? God  tells us that it will throughout the Bible.  The following is one one of my favorite Bible passages that I meditated upon to help help me overcome the problems I had suffered for many years until I began to obey God’s will by living His Word.

Joshua 1:8 (NIV)

Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.


Phase III Of God’s Will:  Receiving God’s Guidance For Your Life’s Purpose

It’s a spiritual reality that each Christian has a place in the Body of Christ. Jesus is the Head of the church and as each Christian takes their place, they fill the body within the function God has given them.  One function is no more important than the other.  However, as we judge God’s ways of doing things we just Him by the world’s system.

We grow up hearing that some people are more important than others because they have talents that stand out in society such as “being a rock star” for example, a “movie or television star,” extremely wealthy in spite of one’s honesty or integrity,” “or people with any “fame at all.”  The list goes on, but I’m sure that I have made myself clear.

Many people say about their lives, “I have to make something of myself.  I have to be somebody!” This indicates that their minds have categorized society into two groups of people; those who are important and those who are not.  The people who do not display any outward form of talent that brings great sums of money and fame are left to feel that their lives are meaningless and less important in the scheme of the world.

According to the world’s point of view this is unfortunately correct. But in the scheme of God plans and purposes for His Kingdom, all of His children are equally important. And as each Christian takes the place in the Body of Christ they were given by living God’s will for their lives, they will be able to find great success and fulfillment.

Putting God’s will above our own puts us in a position through Jesus Christ to surpass our imaginations of what we can do because we will have God’s ability and power to accomplish the dreams that He put into our hearts.


How Do We Attain and Maintain Our Position In The Body Of Christ?

As with God’s will or His Word to live by daily, living God’s purpose for our lives is also an on-going process.  We begin by living God’s Word because His ways go beyond our limited thinking.  And as we think God’s thoughts and act upon them we receive the promise of prosperity. Isaiah 55:11 makes claim to this spiritual fact. This is how we center upon God.

Isaiah 55:8-11 (hover over the verse to read)

Once we begin to walk with God (by living His Word) the desire for living God’s specific will for our lives will draw us out of our own desires to God’s plans and purposes for our lives.  We begin this process through the prayer of dedication and consecration.

God doesn’t come to you and say, “it’s time for you to begin living your destiny now.”  You have to take action. Because you have a free will, you have to choose to follow God’s will.  God gently leads you by the Holy Spirit.  As you begin to listen and obey, you will be able to hear and better understand what God is telling you alone.

You get involved with God’s will for your life through regular prayer concerning His will for you.  If you’re ready to do this, then you are ready to pray and dedicate your life and your will to God.  If you don’t feel that you’re ready, spend time in the Word and be prayerful. God will help and guide you into being prepared.  He has a plan for you that will fit into your life as you trust Him by faith.

You will get as close to God as you drawer near to Him.

To learn more about God’s will in steps for Phase III, visit my God’s Will Series that will lead you to God’s will for your life.  Begin with Three Phases Of God’s Will.

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