God's Plan for Your Future:

Purpose, History, and Destiny of Humanity as Revealed In Scripture

By David C. Cole

God's Plan For Your Future

God's Plan for your future

Pause a moment and reflect on human existence. Death draws closer with each heartbeat. The Bible tells us physical death is not the end, but a link between life on earth and eternity. The immortal soul will move on to a spiritual realm we predestine while alive.

This little book brings together relevant passages from Hebrew and Christian Scripture to explain the purpose, history, and destiny of mankind, and offers the secrets to the ethereal future that follows.

It begins by witnessing the history of the Jewish people and the lessons it teaches. Next, it outlines the profound implications of the earthly existence of Jesus Christ. It follows by discussing the prophetic time in which we live and what Scripture proclaims will come next. Finally, it unveils the one decision you must make to secure your divine destiny.

Be assured, God has a plan for your future, but your cooperation is needed. The success or failure of His plan may well depend on your understanding of the message in this book.

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Book Review By Margaret Lukasik

Some time ago author David Charles Cole felt led to break down the Old and New Testament verses in the Bible according to subject. Thankfully he was encouraged by others to share the outcome of his hard work through his book, God’s Plan For Your Future. It combines his descriptive commentaries throughout to illuminate each topic and to provide a unique reading experience that brings more understanding than reading the Bible randomly or from the beginning to end.

I was so immersed in my reading that I lost track of time. It’s intelligently written from a scholarly point of view, but not intellectually overbearing like some Christian information books that emphasize the author’s knowledge rather than proving the simple truth of God’s Word.  The author is very knowledgeable about the Bible, but he writes with much love and sincerity.

The message of salvation flows throughout the chapters, stressing that every person must take responsibility to choose God’s plan of salvation. He  assures the reader that God has a masterplan for the universe, and it includes each of us, but only if we choose salvation. Each new topic builds upon the last to share this truth and the rewards of living a Godly life. 

The book is easy to read, especially if read in increments to better digest the information given. I wanted to complete the book quickly, but I followed the author’s suggestion to move slowly. I’m thankful that I did because it becomes an experience to review the chapters individually and then pause to meditate on each.  

I loved reading God’s Plan For Your Future because it impacted what I already know about the Bible and helped me to look deeper into the verses that I haven’t read for some time. It’s filled with wisdom for transitioning from a worldly nature to having a Godly nature through Christ Jesus. This is a great Bible study reference tool for all Christians. I loved the book and I highly recommend it for any level of Christian growth and Bible understanding. 

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God's Plan For Your Future

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David Charles Cole

David Charles Cole (Colonel, United States Air Force, Ret.) served as Principle Director of Communication at The Aerospace Corporation in Los Angeles. David holds a BA in the humanities from Hobart College, Geneva, New York; a MA from the University of Oklahoma School of Journalism.

He completed graduate study at the UCLA School of Business; Boston University School of Public Relations /Communications; The Royal College, Cranwell, England; and Haus Rissen School of International Study, Hamburg, Germany. He mentors abused and abandoned children in the care of Father Flanagan’s Girls and Boys Town in San Antonio and leads Bible study groups of all ages.

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