Godly Obedience Is Imperative In Order To live Your Life Purpose

Godly Obedience
Godly Obedience

Many Christians haven’t found that special place in their hearts that allows God to accomplish His will through their lives. He has a special purpose for each of us, but unless we listen and obey his Word and guidance, we’ll never live our most fulfilled lives.

There isn’t much teaching on the subject, and as a result, most Christians go there own way and then ask God to bless their endeavors. In actuality, it’s the other way around. First we seek God for our life purpose and then we ask Him to guide and help us accomplish it His way!

One book that gives a clear picture of the type of love for God and commitment we need to serve Him through our special calling is “Divine Towels” by Christian author Beau Jason McGlynn. The book is not a study or even a Biblical commentary, but instead a Christian fiction novel that inspires as well as teaches how to have the kind of heart that is yielded to God. It’s also a story about scriptural healing.

The main characters in Jason’s story are Ethan and his mother Claire. They’re strong people in the Lord desiring with all their hearts to live God’s will. Their lives reflect a Godly obedience that transcends whatever desires they might have for themselves.

Jesus asks Ethan and his mother to do a very special mission for Him. He wants them to open a nonprofit store, called Divine Towels, where people have their feet washed. Depending on how much faith people have, they will be given healing in one form or another according to God’s will and in his time. Those who are “the healed” think differently and have the uncanny ability to come up with unique solutions to complex problems. As the story continues, the success they realize is so astounding that it causes an unforeseeable problem that threatens their ministry.

The book has received many great reviews and it is shares the need we all have for Godly obedience to live God’s will. Go here to find out what others are saying about it. Click here for more information about the author and a video review about his book.