God Meets Every Need We Have Through Kingdom Living In Christ!

God Meets Every Need
It’s True! God Meets Every Need!

As Christians, we are safe, protected and always taken care of by our Heavenly Father through Kingdom Living. Matthew 6:25-34 describes how He is always there for us with everyhing we need, including healing! There is no need to worry or suffer. God will never let you down if you learn how to trust in Him by faith.

I know because throughout the years God has healed me of devastating illnesses, life problems and financial set-backs. God meets my every need and has always been there for me, but at first I had to first believe that although God’s Word is true, it was also true for me. I couldn’t quite believe that I was good enough for God to bless when I first began to study the Bible. But finally, I learned how and it made all the difference for receiving my blessings, and more important for becoming a blessing.

I’ve gathered the information that helped me into a short Bible study that will guide any Christian from the first lesson to receive whatever they need from God. If you find it difficult to believe that God desires to bless you, please watch my video based upon Matthew 6:25-34 or click on the following link to get the study.

I created a video to share the truth of God’s Word that Kingdom living through Christ belongs to you. If you’re sick and need healing, I hope to encourage you to trust God for your complete healing. Healing is one of God’s greatest blessings that belongs to you because of the work of Jesus Christ on the cross. You are redeemed and the righteousness of God! God meets every need you have!


God Meets Every Need You Have!

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