By Sharon Palmer

God Is Not Gray


Captures God's Truth Concerning His Love...

It’s a natural thing for mankind to project the bad behavior experienced from others right onto God. But God is not natural – He’s supernatural! The emotions of many men and women are goofy, muddy, and gray at best, but the Lord God Almighty is clear in His intent for us and Holy in His everlasting love of us. People fail each other constantly, but God never fails. 

His love is unfailing, merciful, and abundant; He is not lukewarm or inconsistent; He is never gray. Author and intercessor Sharon Palmer has had nearly 50 years of experiencing the steadfast love of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In her latest book, God is Not Gray, you’ll learn more of what she’s been shown about the consistency and truth of the Living God – our blessed Creator.

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Book Review By Margaret Lukasik

The Fullness Of God's Enduring Love

Sharon Palmer breaks down the reason why Christians find it difficult to have a close relationship with God. She describes what God is not and Who God is to help Christians realize that personal brokenness and past negative experiences do not define God or His nature. We’re to lift our understanding to God’s thoughts and ways by following the Bible rather than lowering Him to our thoughts and ways as Isaiah 55:8-9 states.

She also uses her Christian knowledge and wisdom to help Christians define God’s truth in their everyday lives where they live and experience problems they can’t solve on their own. Many of these problems are keeping them from receiving God’s blessings. However, knowing Who God is helps Christians to allow the Word to overcome the tainted ideas they bring from the world to realize Christian transformation and ultimate victory over their circumstances.

I found a long list of great scriptural jewels embedded within the pages of this invaluable little book. The greatest message is that God is the author of all good things, while Satan came to steal, kill and destroy. Yet anyone can overcome their problems in Christ to become whole by immersing their lives in the truth about Who God is. When they do, they will see that unlike human love, God’s love is unfailing, true and constant. 

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About The Author Of "God Is Not Gray"

Visit her website at: Palmer Faith Books.

Sharon Palmer

Sharon Palmer is an intercessor, writer, and grateful recipient of the manifold mercies of Jesus Christ. Her many interests include Bible teaching, singing, podcast recording, and producing. She uses her writing talent to write short books that give a powerful message on specific Bible subjects.  

Miss Palmer received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior in 1974 and has since experienced more than 47 years of His ongoing transformation process in her life. She is a widow, stepmother, and triumphant survivor of childhood molestation.  

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