Give and You Shall Receive

Sewing and ReapingA hot topic in the Christian world today concerns God’s law of sowing and reaping.  For some it can be to learn more about how to increase their money by giving. For others it can be to learn more on the subjects of tithes and offerings. Whatever the reason, for many this Biblical principle is misunderstood. 

It should be better defined in our churches and taught to new members because this specific teaching will benefit both the church and it’s congregates.   

I’m thankful that I found a credible source titled Sowing and Reaping, Vital Steps To Victory by Sharon Palmer.  It’s a short little book that gets right to the point concerning this spiritual law that one can’t deny is important to every Christian. 

Give and You Shall Receive Money?

It’s a powerful book that every Christian must read. It clearly explains the Biblical process of how to have a prosperous and abundant harvest in life as well as finances and material goods.  It’s important to get in line with giving God’s way, which makes this book all the more valuable. 

Step-by-step Sharon gives Biblical instruction for blending daily living and habits with scripture to insure God’s blessings. Whatever we sow, we shall reap, which is important to know because this law can work against us just as easily as for us. If we sow hate, we’re going to reap the same.  If we’re stingy, we’re going to reap a shallow harvest.  But that’s not all.  We also need to give thought to how we give as well as where.  

Something many people don’t realize is that it’s important where we sow our seeds of giving financially as well as giving of our time and help.  Sharon shows that our giving must be done within a specific place of worship or entity and in a specific way to benefit God’s Kingdom.      

I highly recommend this powerful little book. It can be purchased at Barnes and Noble now. 

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