FREE Will: There Comes A Time

By Sharon Palmer

God Gave Us The Power Of Free Will

There Comes a Time

There Comes A Time...

Understand the Impact of Free Will on Your Life

In her new book, There Comes a Time… , intercessor, author, and teacher Sharon Palmer confronts an uncomfortable, yet unavoidable subject: Free will. In five provocative, scripture-based chapters she moves readers to seriously consider that this irrevocable gift from God will determine the final destination of all of earth’s inhabitants, uniting or dividing friends and families, forever. Understanding God’s gift of free will and everyone’s right to it will help Christians maintain steadfast allegiance to God in this hour.

Sharon Palmer

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Book Review By Margaret Lukasik

Everyone has been given the gift of free will by God, our Heavenly Father. However, in our day to day lives, most people regard having freedom of choice more for deciding what career to pursue, who to marry, where to live, for example. While these are indeed important choices in our life experiences, Christian leader, Sharon Palmer, shifts our thinking to God’s ultimate purpose for giving mankind a free will in her book, There Comes A Time.

Without complicating the issue of free will, she intelligently, yet simply clarifies God’s purpose of free will to choose eternal life over spiritual death. She shows why we all know right from wrong and how we make the choice to live separate from God by the way we live our lives. Using Noah from the Old Testament, we’re able to get a realistic picture of how choosing to follow God empowers our lives as opposed to following the world which brings destruction.

There Comes A Time proves with scripture that we can only choose to receive God and live Godly lives by our own free will because we love Him, not because we are forced to serve and obey Him. God is not a dictator. He will never force anyone to receive Him because this type of action is void of love. True love brings freedom to choose, and God is “love.”

I recommend this book for everyone who is not saved, unsure of there salvation or for those who need help when sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the lost. I also recommend this short but powerful book to Christian pastors to help them lovingly share with their congregations the importance of church and personal evangelism. We only have the opportunity to walk in humility before God while on earth. We have no other opportunity to acknowledge God as Maker, Creator, and the Source of all things. The choice we make on earth sets our eternal destiny for heaven or hell.

About The Author Of "There Comes A Time"

There Comes a Time Author Sharon Palmere

Sharon Palmer

Sharon Palmer is an intercessor, writer, and grateful recipient of the manifold mercies of Jesus Christ. Her many interests include Bible teaching, singing, podcast recording, and producing. Miss Palmer received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior in 1974 and has since experienced more than 47 years of His ongoing transformation process in her life. She is a widow, stepmother, and triumphant survivor of childhood molestation.

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