Share You Christian Story About God’s Will For Your Life And Your Experiences.

Share Your Christian Story
Share Your Christian Story

What were you doing when you realized that God has a purpose for your life?  God is always speaking to us, but when we’re quiet or in a place of peace, we can better hear Him.

My story regarding living the purpose God had for me is one that took much time for me to fulfill.  I believe that God has led me to writing since I was very small.  I could have moved forward with Him much sooner, but I lacked the confidence to write and to serve God.  I was a late bloomer in everything I have done and listening to God was no exception.  I didn’t even know that God had a special plan for each Christian until I was in my thirties.

I became a Christian when I was nine years old and had always loved God, but our family was not Christian oriented in our life-style.  As a consequence it wasn’t until I was on my own in my early twenties that I began to search for a means of fulfilling the void within my heart for the things of God.  I didn’t know how or where to begin so I started with the Bible, but found it difficult to understand.  I visited many churches, but it wasn’t until I was led by the Holy Spirit to randomly visit a church I had noticed from the street while driving that I was able to begin walking with God.  It was at this church that I learned how to understand the Bible.

While I continued with Bible studies at the new church I was led to attend, the church itself was going through many difficult changes so I wasn’t able to find the answers to my questions that would lead me to God’s purpose for my life.  So I turned to self-study. I found books and tapes by Kenneth Hagin and studied them everyday when my children took their naps.  I would pray for guidance in the morning. By then I was in my early thirties and busy with a growing family, so I had to work at making time for God.   It was through my studies that I learned the importance of seeking after God’s will for my life.

It took some time, but once I had begun with God, I continued to follow His lead.  I had many problems so I had to trust God to help me overcome each one and I did.  Once I was free through Jesus Christ I began to realize that I had taken the long road with God.  I put my studies together to create studies that help Christians get their lives together in order to serve God and live His will much sooner than it took me. Now I share those studies with Christians all over the world.

This is my story.  I invite you to share your Christian story.  Use the contact form below.


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