The Four Life Purpose Categories Of God’s Will 

Where Are You In The Four Life Purpose Categories?

The Four Life Purpose Categories

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If you’re afraid that God’s will for your life will take you down a path you won’t like or that will greatly disrupt your life, think again! God designed you to fulfill a specific work that you will love and find exciting. Not everyone is called for ministry. God also works through us within businesses, careers and our homes. Whatever God’s call upon your life is, you’re going to love it!

Don’t Let Fear Keep You From Your Greatest Life! Look Up To God and The Sacrifice Of Jesus On The Cross.

Look To God With Complete Trust

Christians are often fearful to give their lives to God for service believing they may have to leave everything they know behind, including their family, friends and everything familiar.

Their minds go in every direction thinking about the millions of possibilities that God may have for them to accomplish for Him–and they might not like any of them or they might seem inconvenient.  However, there is no need to fear and instead, every reason to be excited.  If you’ve been reading this site, you know that there are three aspects of God’s will.

    1. We receive salvation through Jesus Christ
    2. We act upon God’s Will (the Bible) as we learn and study it
    3. We commit our will to God and live His life plan for us (our purpose) 

Salvation is obviously the first step a Christian takes with God.  They may take a few more, but because of a lack of knowledge or the fear of losing their lives the way they know it, their steps begin to follow their own direction or the direction of those who the world promotes, regardless of their lack or void of God’s influence.

Sometimes Christians just want to be accepted by their families or peer groups.  Following God will make them look like less of a person in the eyes of those they respect, so they follow a path that was not meant for them.

Do you know what happens when you follow the wrong path?  YOU GET LOST! Are you lost?  If you can’t answer that question immediately, then you are out of step with God and following your own path.

I’m not here to chastise you but provide you with the information you need to begin living God’s call upon your life.  Today can be the day you begin again with God.  It can be the day you start living the most fulfilling life God has waiting for you. 

God’s Purpose Categories

The chart below organizes the four Life Purpose Categories. We can fit within one or all of those four categories, depending upon the talents we’ve been given and God’s desire for our purpose. You may already be where God wants, but if you’re not succeeding at it or you don’t like it, then you need His direction and will to give it empowerment and new life to make it fulfilling.

I don’t know what the will of God is for your life, but I can say with all assurance that it is unique, exciting and it will give you the most fulfillment of anything you could ever do.  Whatever it is, it will take away the longing in your heart that always keeps you feeling something isn’t quite right with your life.  Today you can begin to make your life “RIGHT WITH GOD.”

Live Your Best Life By Seeking God’s Will Today Using The Prayer Of Consecration and Dedication

Seek God’s guidance to learn where you fit within the four life purpose categories below. Go here for my general prayer guidance or go to my comprehensive prayer Bible studies for seeking God.


The Four Life Purpose Categories








Whatever you’re doing, God can use you. Viewing the four categories of God’s will help you define where you are now and it will keep your mind focused upon God’s will rather than imagining ideas that bring you the most fear about serving God. While some categories may show less or no money against higher paying purposes, if we’re following God’s plans for our lives, He will provide financially for the sake of His Kingdom and to bless His children no matter what He has called them to do. I included this information because money is another fear factor, but God can bless you no matter what you’re doing by helping you discover financial opportunities.  


God may call you into one of the 5-fold positions of ministry part or full time.  This may include an income earning ministry or non-income or non-profit situation.

Business Owner

Business Owners will prosper where he or she serves God with their time.  This can be an income earning business or non-profit.


Employed Christians can live their special calling within a job for a specific career as an employee. Employment is normally hourly or salary wage income.


God has a special place for those who are retired or are caretakers of others. One may still earn some type of income while they are unemployed. If one is a caretaker they may receive an income on a non-permanent basis or receive no income.  

You are certainly within one of these areas already, maybe two or three. Perhaps you are already living your purpose within a specific area and are not sure or you need more focus or direction.  Whatever the case, you’ll soon find out what God has in mind for you as you begin the process to receive God’s guidance for your life through the prayer of consecration and dedication.

Some Christians believe that if they don’t feel they were called into the ministry then God doesn’t have a special plan for them to help win others to Christ.  However, while evangelism is a ministry office where one must be called to serve, we all have a responsibility to help saved the lost. This means that if we have a life purpose outside the church, we will be empowered to share the gospel within that purpose. However, unlike church ministry we must follow God’s lead carefully for winning others to Christ because it can’t be done while on the job or randomly to persons who might be turned off about God forever by our evangelizing to them within the wrong timing. What we can do within our careers is to live the Christian ethic.

If we were all living one purpose within the church, there would be no one out in the world to share the Christian ethic in the way we do business, treat others and go about our daily lives. Thus, less people would be saved.  God needs leaders within the church and leaders outside of the church to serve Him.  So God’s main purpose for each of us is to help spread the Gospel with our money, our actions, our words, our prayers and our love within the life purpose category we’ve been called to serve.

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