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God Can Solidify A Strong Commitment In Marriage


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Christian Marriage Commitment
Commitment In Marriage Video

I’m sharing the following Complete Commitment In Marriage Video titled Lock and Key by Bayless and Janet Conley.  Watch it and you’ll see what they mean by lock and key.  It’s short and to the point, but it makes sense.   It can be difficult to live our life purpose when we’re married and not getting along with our spouse, so it’s important to make marriage a priority.

Also, many people don’t bother with marriage anymore, but Christians need to be committed to God all the way–and that means marriage instead of just living with someone in order to remain uncommitted and free to move on if desired or if they might find someone better.

That’s not a relationship God can bless and it’s not an atmosphere God can use to guide you into your life purpose.  We have to obey God’s Word first and then we can receive guidance to live out our purpose.  We need marriage, not empty relationships that take us away from God, but instead marriage relationships that cause us to draw nearer to God.  However, once we’re married we have to keep it strong and centered upon Christ.  A good marriage doesn’t just happen.

I think you’ll like the following Commitment In Marriage Video because it’s just a simple message of determination to keep our commitment to one another in marriage.   So enjoy!

Lock and Key — A Complete Commitment In Marriage Video

Commitment allows husbands and wives to celebrate their differences for a lifetime, rather than letting those differences cause irritation and division. Watch as Bayless and Janet Conley share about the critical importance of commitment in marriage.

Pastor Bayless and Janet Conley Video

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