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The studies, based on Romans 12:2, were created to help you fully and actively live your salvation.  It’s important to note that Christian transformation is the only way to grow spiritually and to connect with God for consistent answered prayer.  To help you understand the process, I’ve included the introduction to my I Ams Christian Meditation Audio. 

Understand the Christian mind renewal process that brings Christian transformation to become the new man in Christ. Not having this information keeps Christians from living a successful Christian lifestyle, even during the trials of life. Go here for the complete audio book which includes MP3 files to download.  

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Look for a question from the free Bible Studies sections below that may relate to your situation.  Click on any or all relevant links that lead to other pages on this site.  

Lessons and articles are short for persons who have little time, but desire to learn God’s Word for spiritual growth and successful Christian living. All written information is based upon scripture.  I have captured the essense of each topic based upon scripture to help Christians discover where they are currently in their relationship with God, and to learn where they need to be. For more detailed information, visit my ebook studies.   



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Questions and Answers For Living Victoriously In Christ

Free Christian Bible Studies Concerning Salvation: 

QUESTION:  I don’t know how to study the Bible.  Do you have suggestions?

ANSWER:  Here are two strategies that work.  Beginning Your Bible Studies  |  Finding The Right Bible Version

QUESTION: Why should I receive salvation, what does it mean, and how will my life change?

ANSWER:  Can I Be Saved?  | Trust In God |  God’s Love Scripture

QUESTION: How do I receive salvation, where do I go to receive it and how can I know that I’m saved?

 ANSWER:  How To Receive Salvation and Be Assured That You Are Saved   |  Christian Commitment |  Faith Bible Study Audio Of Jesus Sacrifice on The Cross

Free Christian Bible Studies Concerning Christian Growth:

QUESTION:  How do I make the changes I need to live a Christian lifestyle and to overcome my problems?

ANSWER:  Christian Meditation for success |  

QUESTION: What Is God’s will and am I responsible to live it?

ANSWER:  The 3 Phases Of God’s Will  |  What Type Of Christian Are You?  |  Understanding God’s Will  |   God’s Will Scripture

QUESTION:  What does it mean to serve God?

ANSWER:  Your Service To God  | God Centered | The Blessing Of Obedience To God

QUESTION: I don’t feel close to God.  How can I feel that He is with me and guiding me?

ANSWER:  Develop A Relationship With God  |  House Divided  |  An Inward Leading Of God by the Holy Spirit   

QUESTION: What does salvation do for me?

ANSWER:  Foundation Of Christ |Rest In Christ |  Peace Of Jesus | Your True IdentityIdentify With Christ |                     Follow Christ | Kingdom Living

QUESTION:  I don’t get answers to my prayers.  What am I doing wrong?

ANSWER:  Time To Study  | Prayer Of Dedication | Prayer Of Agreement | Bind and Loose 

QUESTION:  I Don’t feel worthy before God when I pray.  How can I believe that God will answer my prayers?  

ANSWER:  You Are Worthy To Give Your Burdens To Jesus and Receive Answered Prayer 

QUESTION:  I  can’t forgive what someone has done to me.  I feel so angry!  Why should I forgive when I didn’t do anything wrong?  

ANSWER:  Healing and Forgiveness    

Free Christian Bible Studies For General Living: (click on each +) 

About God’s Love: 

Answer:  Scripture about God’s love, strength, encouragement, mercy and compassion. This list of scripture will teach you the strength of God’s love, emcouragement and the blessings.  God’s Love Scripture / Study…  God’s Love Affirmations

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