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Bible Stories Written For Children

It’s never too soon to teach your children about God by sharing Him with them.

I hope you enjoy each Bible story created straight from the Bible. They were created to use true stories from the Bible to teach children how to draw nearer to God and develop a strong relationship with Him. Feel free to share them with anyone.

Free Bible Studies For Kids

-By Margaret Lukasik And other Sources-

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The Bible stories for kids on this page are in various formats, however, most are in PDF format. All PDF ebooks also have a flipbook to view from your browser rather than downloading an ebook. Click on the download for the eBook and click on the flipbook link at left for the flipbook to open in a new window from this site. 

Other stories are video. More stories and videos are coming soon once they are downloaded from YouTube. Sign up below to be notified.    

Parable Of The Sower

River Nile To The Red Sea

Jesus Rides Into Jerusalem

Palm Sunday Fiction Story

Free Bible Stories For Kids Videos


Children ages 4 -8 learn about the valuable lessons of patience, perseverance, and trusting in God’s plan

Jesus Rides Into Jerusalem

An exciting Bible story for young children. Journey back in time to witness the amazing events of Palm Sunday.


The little boy who gave Jesus his bread and fish to share with 5000 people will inspire your child. 

From a tiny bird

COMING SOON! A short fiction story for small girls and boys based on Palm Sunday.  

Jesus As a Child

Your child will enjoy this delightful video that depicts Jesus as a child from the Bible. 

AbraHAM Begins His purpose

Abraham Moves Forward With God To Fulfill His Purpose From The Book Of Genesis 13. 

God's Promise To abraham

Children can learn through Abraham that we can trust God for our best lives and receive.  

The Miracles Of Jesus

Teach your child that Jesus is still performing miracles today according to our faith.  

Keep It Simple Faith and Prayer Course

For Older Children and Adults To Grow In Faith and Prayer.

Learn the basics of faith that will open the door for healing and answered your prayer.  

Part 3: Faith For Heaing

Apply scriptural faith principles specifically to receive healing that God promises believers. 

Part 2: Answered Prayer

Important scriptural steps for answered prayer. Play often to gain clear understanding.

Part 4: Healing Example

Based upon a relative’s true experience, this short example gives reality to the simplicity of answered prayer.

Painting Illustration acknowledgement is given to Christian artist Jan van Hof’t shown on the video thumbnails for Parts 1 and 2 of the video course above.   (Gospelimages.com).

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