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How The Forum Works

Thank you for being a member! I am the moderator and will insure that books get reviewed in a timely manner. Post only when your Kindle book is on sale for $0.99. I will insure that all requests are posted correctly and will get attention on my website, subscriber list and social networks. Please do the same. We are Christian authors helping one another in Christ.  Blessings,  -Margaret Lukasik

Feel Free To Ask qestions...

Use the Forum to ask questions and communicate with other authors.

Feel at home and get to know other authors.  The forum is new, so don’t be shy and help to get it going. I’ll be checking it regularly for book reviews so I’ll also be available to chat.  – Margaret Lukasik 

Keep Track Of Your Review Commitments.

Place only one book in the Forum for reviews at a time. When you get enough reviews for it, then replace it with another $0.99 book. You can always repeat any book for more reviews. We just ask for one book at a time while our membership is growing. Also, please complete your honest book reviews in a reasonable amount of time such as a month or less.  Don’t take on more reviews than you can handle,  however, multiple people can do reviews for the same book.

Christian Author Alliance

Meet from any device.

Please pray for the Christian Author Alliance and the members.  We are here first to proclaim the Word of God with information and within stories.  Second we are to pray and hold each other up in prayer for victory in getting our books in the hands of hungry readers for the Lord! 

Blessings In Christ Jesus!