How To Overcome The Fear Of Death


Do You Have a Fear Of Death?Have you ever wondered what happens after death or do you have a fear of death and you avoid thinking about it?  We all have ideas and opinions from others, but if you’re a Christian, you need to know what God has to say about it because His Word will direct you to heaven for your eternal destiny so that you avoid the torment of hell.

While death is not a subject that’s popular, it should be discussed and taught in our churches even though it may be uncomfortable.  Everyone must experience death, but we can’t know the reality of it until after we die. However, we can find out from scripture what will happen exactly.   


Study The Word To Overcome The Fear Of Death

I believe it’s important to study the Bible concerning every subject we have little knowledge about.  This is why I recommend a study on the subject of death from a Christian point of view. 

To begin, you can read the Bible on your own and do a lengthy study by gathering all the verses, researching each and finding a reliable concordance to help with your understanding. There’s nothing wrong with this approach, but it will take time.  If you’d like to speed up your study I’ve got exciting news.  I’ve just read a new book on the subject that organizes relevant scripture to death in a way that gives clear understanding about what happens after death. More important, it’s filled with scripture so that you can check every part of the study against God’s Word concerning death, and judge the teachings yourself.  

The book is titled What Happens After Death and it’s written by Rev. James S. Casimier, Jr., Th.D.  It provides the scriptural answers you need to know about what happens to every person after death and what we need to be assured of before we die so that we’ll be with Jesus in heaven.  We need to know about death to be assured about eternal life.  If we don’t understand God’s plan for salvation, we can miss out on a glorious eternity with Him.

I’m going to share with you how to get this important, “must-have” guide.  The information provided will give you peace of mind over the fear of death.  Click on to learn more about What Happens After Death and to read my review. 

The Fear Of DeathClick here to read fascinating features about the book and to know with certainty the information taught is reliable.  Rev. James S. Casimier, Jr., has been in the ministry for well over 20 years.  You’ll find his biography on this page to learn more about him.  He is a man with a passion to reach as many people as possible to insure they spend eternity in heaven.

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