Scriptural Family Values To Create An Environment Of God’s Love, Peace & Joy

Christians need to reflect God’s family values over any value system that differs from scripture.


Family Values
Family Values Series

It’s one thing to know the Word of God, but it’s not the same thing as knowing how to use it daily concerning our family members.  We need understanding how to apply Biblical wisdom daily to know how to adjust our characters and to know what type of behavior to accept from family members and relatives. 

Some people believe that as a Christian they  must accept bad behavior from other family members or anyone.  However, as Christians we deserve the same amount of respect that everyone else does.  So in this section I’ll share Christian values for family regarding how to treat family members and in the process you’ll understand Biblically how you should be treated as well.


Family Members

Christian values begin at home. Wives and husbands are instructed to respect one another. They’re told to not push their children to anger and children are told to respect their parents.

Christian families need to follow the fruit of the spirit found in Galatians 5:22-23. Children learn by following their parent’s lead so it’s imperative that both parents implement this fruit in their daily actions. This means being an example for how you treat others as well.


The Word In Practice By Following The Fruit Of The Spirit:

Parents should be loving with one another never using abusive words or being accusatory. They should create an atmosphere of peace by living the Word as well as reading it. They need to show affection to one another as well as with their children. Each parent should present an honest life in word and practice.

The words please, thank you and I’m sorry should be said when appropriate. Bad attitudes that carry anger, manipulation, deceit, lying, name calling and other negative behaviors need to be avoided between parents and should not be accepted by parents from their children. Parents who practice the Word give their children the best teaching for living a respectful life with Christian values.

Family values include spending time with family. Prioritize if necessary.  Husbands and wives need to spend regular time alone to keep a loving bond and to keep their marriage strong.  Parents need to make specific times to be with their children, help them with their problems, with school activities and homework and with their spiritual growth.

God should come first in our lives, our spouses next and our children third. If husbands and wives are in harmony with God and with each other they will make great parents for their children. Family should come first above friends, church members and relatives.


Single Parent Family  Values

The same values exist as for a two-parent family as for the single parent. However, the single parent must put more work into teaching values if they are unable to spend the time needed with each child to reinforce Christian values and developing a relationship of trust.

Children may not learn Biblical values from the different persons who come into their life because of bad choices made by the parent. This is why it’s very important to choose friendships and caretakers carefully.

Be cautious about the people you bring into your home as possible role models. This can be friends, a person who is a possible candidate for marriage, and neighbors. Let God help you choose the best people to spend time with you and your children because they will enhance your lives rather than detract from them. Loneliness can cause people to make bad relationship choices so stay close to trusted family, friends and church members to keep you grounded in God’s best.



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