Experience Christian Revival From One Page To The Next Of This Powerful Christian Life Book, The Spirit Of Revival, By Ewang Nelson Mfortaw


Experience Christian RevivalIf you feel distant from God or you’ve lost your way in Christ because of difficulty understanding the scriptures, The Spirit Of Revival will bring you the spiritual enlightenment you need.  

Each page takes you into a deeper understanding of what it means to be Holy and how to make Godly living a lifestyle.  God’s Word is simple, but New Christians and Christians new to the Word need guidance and mentoring.   This is why I feel that all Christians need the enlightened guidance of the scriptures shared within this empowering book to understand God’s will and to effectively share the Gospel.

By faith, all Christians have the ability in Christ to overcome sin without the pain and failure of willpower or suppression.  On our own we can’t accomplish God’s Word, but in Christ we can.  As the author and finisher of our faith He gives the assurance the Word of God will always accomplish what it was sent to do in all Christians according to their belief.   

Pastor Evang Nelson Mfortaw makes this process clear so that the Word of God will come alive within your spirit to transform your mind, the words you speak and the actions you take to live God’s Word victoriously.  Very quickly you’re going to learn that it’s not in “self” that one accomplishes Godly living by deeds and actions, but by keeping in step with the Holy Spirit daily.  Without realizing it, you’ll be led into God’s truth with the faith to know that in Christ you can accomplish what is impossible for you to do on your own.   


Experience Christian Revival

Salvation is only the beginning of living the Christian life.  Becoming the new man in Christ means living after the nature of God.   If you’re ready for your salvation to come alive to experience Christian revival, then I highly recommend The Spirit Of Revival by Ewang Nelson Mfortaw.   Learn more about Ewang Nelson and His empowering book on my site at:  The Spirit Of Revival.   


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