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Victory Through Christ

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We’ve all been given a specific life purpose to fulfill.  God has put special dreams in our hearts and it’s up to us to follow them by living God’s will (His Word) and taking time in prayer to seek His guidance for what He wants to accomplish through each of us.

He works in us through steps, rather than all at once because each step is a preparation for the next step.  In time we will be ready to live His will for our lives, but we have to take that first step, then the second, third and so forth.

We are all at different places in our lives when we become Christians or when we learn that we have a special purpose after our lives have already taken a different direction from God’s plan. This means that some of us may not be in a place where God can work with us right away.  We may be too encumbered with family responsibilities, we may have serious problems, or we might not be responsive to living God’s Word or will for some time.

Christians who seek after God while young can begin their lives with God’s direction if they’re inclined to have Godly obedience.  However, other Christians may not be able to realize they have a purpose.  There’s also the situation that a person doesn’t become saved until much later in life and it will take time for them to change their thinking, activities and purpose for God. In such a situation one’s spouse or friends may not be saved and this causes many problems as well.    Other Christians may be ill and need healing or they have difficulties in life that needs to be resolved before they can move forward with God.

These situations can seem discouraging, but God can work through anything and turn it around to bring success and a means of transformation in order for a Christian to walk with God. It’s important to note that once you bring God into your situation and dedicate your life to Christ, your walk with God has begun.  You have taken that first step.  The time between each step depends upon your growth in those things that God gives you to accomplish.


Ask God For Guidance

Once you ask God for life purpose guidance, he’ll show you where to begin.  It could be with the healing of a problem, addictions, illnesses, a confused mentality, or an abusive situation.  You may need to learn new skills, to wait for your children to get to a certain age or to take care of their problems. Whatever it is that God shows you to do, remain close with Him in prayer and He will give you victory over every problem, even those keeping you from living your purpose.

The purpose of my Evangelism Online Tools is to help you learn how to remain close to God through prayer and commitment with a development of ministry by learning how to spread the Gospel online as you wait upon God for His guidance and will for you alone.  This series will help you understand that no matter what it is you’re called to do, you’ll have understanding of God’s will for the world which is to save the lost.

You may find that your online ministry is your purpose, but if it’s not, it doesn’t matter.  You’ll begin with God living His general will for all His children. Then as you progress with God in prayer and action, you’ll be led to whatever it is He has for you with more knowledge of sharing the Gospel, more wisdom of the Word and more ability to receive answered prayer than if you had done nothing but waited.

Using our Evangelism Online Tools can help you become proactive with God by learning His ways and His will for your life.



Evangelism Online Tools
    Evangelism Online Tools

If you’re new to seeking God for His guidance and you’re not sure what He has for you to do, you can begin with Internet evangelism to help save the lost.

Sharing salvation with others is always going to be at the center of what God wants you to do, so you can begin with sharing the Gospel right now. There are many ways to do that and I’ll share various ways with you.

Evangelism Online Tools Conclusion

I want to be clear about how this series can help you.  I will state the elements of life purpose and Evangelism that I will cover in this series.

I have provided links that lead to short studies.  Each is important for your learning how to communicate with God for your life purpose, for others and to help you begin with God in a way that will cause you to grow with Him and help to prepare you for whatever special purpose God has for you.

I already knew much about how to make the Word come alive in my life when I began my first Internet ministry in 1999.  However, I learned quickly with God that the more you know about the Bible, the more you realize how little you really do know about it.  What I was sure about for sometime was that God wanted me to help other Christians through my writing learn how to live a successful Christian lifestyle. My online ministries have allowed me to do this in a way that would have been difficult otherwise.

I hope to help you find your way as well because we’re all expected to live and fulfill God’s word and His will in our lives.  When we do we find the greatest joy and excitement in life.   This series of Christian Online Tools will help you:

  1. Dedicate Your Life To Christ
  2. Pray For Guidance From God
  3. Begin Living Your Life Purpose
  4. Learn About Different Types Of Prayer
  5. Intercede For Others
  6. Learn How To Have Financial Integrity
  7. Learn How To Begin A Christian Online Ministry
  8. Share Your Christian Progress or Story





Praying For Others Share Your Christian Testimony
Praying For God’s Will Serve God Online Through Life Purpose
Learn About Prayer  


Christian  books I’ve Read by Kenneth E. Hagin That Help To build your faith and knowledge for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The books below are books that helped me with my Christian growth years ago when I was a new Christian and didn’t know how to use God’s Word to enhance my Evangelism Online Tools. They have also influenced my evangelism online writing.


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