To Help Spread The Gospel Online This Helpful Video Describes What A Blog Is To Help You Decide If You Prefer An Evangelism Blog Or Website.

Learn Just What A Blog Is If You’re Not Sure!

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Blog or Website?

Why an Evangelism blog or website? I tell Christians that if they’re not sure about what their life purpose is or if they’re waiting upon God to learn what His purpose is for their lives, they can begin with a blog or website to begin sharing their ministry.

No matter what we’re called to do, a blog or website should be a part of it, so you can’t go wrong to begin one now. And it will be a great experience for learning better writing skills and possibly writing a book about what you know.

I found the video below by accident, but I wanted to share it because it describes what a blog is exactly so that you can know if this is how you want to share your ministry. Sharing your information on a blog means that you need to keep your information theme based.

Choose your ministry theme and then write articles and news about it or what you’re doing. You can also write about how God is using you and showing you new direc for your ministry.

It’s not only important work for the Gospel, but it’s fun as well. However, especially if you’re not a mature Christian in the Word, whatever you write about the Bible, always make sure that it’s correct.

Otherwise you’ll lead people astray. Before I write something about the Bible, if I’m not as familiar with it as I would like, I do a little study on it first and then write about it after taking time to meditate upon it.

The best way to prepare for writing about Biblical information is to find at least 3 scripture. The Bible says that in the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses let every word be established (2 Corinthians 13:1). Then I read other similar verses using my topic as the central theme to insure that I understood the correct context of what was said in order to get the Biblical meaning. Prayer is also important to receive the right guidance in sharing your information.

It’s always important to take good care of the Words we speak from the Bible in order to share them correctly through an Evangelism Blog, website, your books and face to face speaking. For important tips about how to choose a topic if you decide to begin an “outreach” Evangelism blog I have a great source that I’ve been using for a few years concerning evangelism information. Go to Internet Evangelism


What Is A Blog? Video