Establish Me Christian Reference Guide By Rev. James Nyemah

Establish Me Christian Reference GuideI’ve just reviewed one of the best Christian reference guide books on how to live a Godly life that I’ve ever read.  It goes deep within the heart with principles for moving from zero to hero based upon scripture.  

As you read through to the end, the impact of the author’s writing makes the scriptures come alive and the heart desiring to draw nearer to God and His ways. 

This is the type of Christian book we need today!  It revitalizes God’s truth and wisdom in a time where being a Christian hasn’t been that popular or easy.  Well, Jesus never promised an easy path, but He did give us victory, and Establish Me leads one on the path to God’s best!

This is the author’s third book. I’ve read all three and his love and commitment to God has only gotten stronger.  I admire his strength and energy to look beyond his comfort zone to work tirelessly on behalf of God’s will and purpose for his life. He’s truly a leader in Christ!   

About Establish Me Christian Reference Guide

ESTABLISH ME is a book that teaches how to navigate the narrow passages of life and it gets you to that special place you want to be in life. Learn how to handle the hindrances to success, discover the power of service, and activate your natural and spiritual gifts. You are pregnant with a vision that cannot be compromised; a vision that is powered by passion to fill in for any inadequacies.

As you work on your vision, something powerful happens that elates you to do even greater works; it brings out creativity and innovation, thus giving your life new meaning and direction. This book teaches you how to put your trust in God, believe in yourself, and beat the challenges of life.

I love this book!  I advise Christians who haven’t yet learned that they were called for something great or how to achieve their life purpose to get this book. It’s going to reach out to your heart to establish in you your most fulfilled life in Christ. You can read my review and learn more about Establish Me on Rev. James Nyemah’s Information Page or listen and watch my video review. 

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