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Empowering Christian Studies

Victory Through Christ is announcing another free ebook that has been helping Christians for many years all over the world.  Introducing the Prayer Breakthrough Planner and Journal that we have sold as a companion to the Prayer breakthrough Bible study for many years.  

The journal is based upon the process I created many years ago to help me receive answered prayer.  I was new to faith and prayer, but I had many problems, the largest being that it was difficult for me to believe that God heard my prayers. 

This is why I created a means of help to grow my faith to a point where I was sure each time I prayed that God had answered me.  Later as I came to understand the scriptures more, I realized that God always answers prayers, it’s just a matter of our learning how to receive.  However, the prayer planner and journal helped me to grow into this truth.

Free Empowering Christian Studies Are Free To All

This is why I added a journal portion to the prayer planner so that one can record their prayers and  journal their faith experiences as well to help them put faith over the emotions and thoughts that keep us from receiving from God. 

Because Christians are being challenged daily with lies and deceit about who they are, I felt that the Prayer Breakthrough Planner and Journal, and the short Bible study, The Triumph of Christ In You combined will help Christians understand why they can believe their prayers are always answered.  This assurance will give them the faith to receive! 

There Are Many Challenges To Our Faith 

No matter what challenges we face, we can be assured with all confidence that God will never let us down and will always meet our needs, challenges or difficulties.  We are in Christ and can do all things in Him and receive the blessings Christ made available, including answered prayer! 

If you’re not sure that your prayers can be answered, I would like to offer these two ebooks for free.  Please use the form below to receive them now.  They’re quick to download.




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