Our Disobedience To God Opens The Door To Problems In Our Lives


Disobedience To God
Disobedience To God


For Christians, disobedience to God causes much strive from within.  The closer they are to God and the more of the Word they’ve lived, the more pain they feel.  Yet sometimes Christians get stuck in a place that keeps them bound because they’ve let go of centering upon God.  This can be for many reasons such as the loss of a loved one, a desire for past habits or people who are a bad influence.  Sickness can also play a part in separation from God even though it should draw us nearer to Him.

For Christians experienced in the Word to heal and mend their relationship with God they must turn to Him no matter how they feel and begin again with God through prayer and time in the Word.  This time should begin with asking God to forgive them and have a repentant attitude to feel right with God again.  They should quickly forgive themselves as well and move on rather than feeling badly about their time away from God.


About New Christians Or Christians New To The Word

New Christians may not feel so distant from God because they’ve just become a “new man in Christ” and have little understanding of living a Godly life.  I Peter 5:8 is a great verse for a new Christian to read and meditate upon because it makes clear the consequences of living in disobedience to God.  It’s also an appropriate verse for Christians who are experiencing a life filled with problems.  Life will never be perfect, but many times we cause our own trouble because of our attitude when it comes to living a Godly life.

If you’re not familiar with the verse I’ve included it here for you to read over a few times to get it into your heart.


First Peter 5:8:  “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.”


It’s easy to get a visual of a lion, pacing back and forth with intermittent roars as he waits to pounce on his victim–which could be YOU if you’re not keeping your life in order by living God’s Word.  I love what Christian Author, Dr. Joe Judkins says about how each of us decides to live our lives and the consequences of our choices.


Dr. Joe Judkins:  “What a person does will bring blessings or disaster to their life and soul. Mankind and womankind can do or say whatever they so desire but the Lord God Almighty will make the final decision over every soul.”


Dr. Judkins statement sheds so much light on the fact that when we’re disobedient to God willfully,  the adversary to all mankind, the devil, is not going to just roar at you, but he’s going to attack you!   He will attack your money, your family, even your health.  It can be anything–especially that which is most important to you!  We pay a price when we have an attitude of blatant disobedience to God.

Satan is ready to sink his teeth into your marriage, your ability to be successful in your job, career or business or your relationships.   However, through the work of Jesus Christ on the cross, you have the power and ability to live above disobedience to God by becoming a man or woman of God living by His guidance and His Word.


James 4:7 says, “Therefore submit to God.  Resist the devil and he will flee from you.”


You have been given authority in your life over the devil.  This verse makes it clear—you can resist him.  But your authority in Christ as a believer only operates as you have submitted yourself to God’s authority through obedience.

If you’re knowingly disobedient to God, your authority in Christ will not work.  More experienced Christians know this and feel the pain as I’ve mentioned of separation from God.

So here is the question:  Today are you being willfully disobedient to God in any area of your life?  If so, confess and repent.  Otherwise you can be sure the devil will get a paw on your life.  If you would like to learn more about growing in Christ for a more abundant life,  my Bible study, Victorious Christian Living will help you get inspired and motivated to receive God’s best in life with the right attitude before God daily!  If you’re a new Christians get involved with God’s Word and use the authority you’ve been given to live a successful life in Christ.